Sekhar Kammula: Passion for cinema?

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As the movie went over budget, Mr.Producer, i will not charge any re-muneration untill we cut even, and once we make profit give me anything you wish

Yes this is a new generation director speaking. A director whose motive is not to make money, whose motives is not to slit open a producers wallet. His motive is to make qualitative cinema. Cinema which doesnt throw you into fantasy land and expects you to believe that it is easier to get away with an extra-marital affair New York City rather than in Mumbai or Delhi or Patna. The cinema he believes in has stories of a common man, his reactions to common problems that you and me face and react to, the cinema where middle class people behave like middle class people. The middle class of today where a woman is just as independent and knows her priorities as a middle class male would. No gimmicks, no masala, no skin show, just good cinema in its purest and honest form.

Ladies and Gentlemen one such director has arrived after a long painstaking wait.


The director who won a national award for his first movie. The director who won tons of awards including the best director Nandi( equivalent to Filmfare for South Indian movies). The director who’s third movie is one of top 3 grossers of the year 2006.

I am sure many of you reading this article are dying to ask.. So, who is this guy?

This is Sekhar Kamulla to you all:

Born in Hyderabad, Raised in Hyderabad. He did his Engineering in Osmania University with a Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering. As, so often seen in most hyderabadis the US of A bug bit him too. He had to go the US of A to pursue his career in the Graduate program for Computer sciences. Thank God he did go to the States. Why?

Because as is the case with you, me, the guy sitting next to you, the guy bringing you chai in the Irani Cafe, the guy selling gupchup on the bandi, the father, mother, son, etc, etc, etc he too was fascinated by a six letter word called CINEMA. Sekhar( as he likes to be called) says he always used to see something in a movie which many common movie-goers would not even notice. The intricacies.

So, after graduating he gor en-rolled in a film-making course in Howard University. Made numerous short movies, worked as a clap-man, lightsman, coninuity person, editor, screenwiter, director.. almost every filed that is associated with in bringing a movie to light. His final project for the thesis was Anand(not to be mistaken with the cult Hrishida movie).

The first step was taken. The step to learn Cinema in a prestigious school, to know the technicalities, to know the detailing aspect, more importantly to realise that burning desire to make a movie was not just a passing dream. He can do it. And How?

Sekhar lands up back in hyderabad to work as a sofware consultant. Writes down a script he believed in. The first movie to come out of this mastermind was


A story of six youngsters. A story of common youth of Hyderabad. A story which deals with finding happiness but at waht cost? Going to America!!!!

This movie though made at a shoestring budget of 17 Lakhs rupees, showed that a good movie can be made without high production values. The movie detailed the ideologies of today’s youth. The options they have when they graduate, the options they tend to make their own, the options they perinially neglect and the options they have and want to take but will not or more importantly cannot because of the peer pressure, family pressure and the society pressure. One of the choices being going to US of A. The carze, the hysteria, the hype, the status feeling is all shown in this beautifully crafted movie.

On one hand we have Hyderabad Blues which dealt with love and adjustments, then on the other we have Dollar Dreams which deals about options and choices.

One scene in the movie which will definitely make you to take notice of CHARACTER is when one couple who are expecting a baby in 2 months are frantically trying to get a visa so that the baby is born in USA and become a citizen. Forget the production value, this is a must watch movie. The language used is so common man’s language. The group of friends calling themselves Lafoot Gang( Fit-for-nothing).

Sekhar had no idea of post-production, he had no idea as to where he should register his movie, he had no idea how to find a distributor and whom to show the screening to get a distributor to buy it. The movie has more of English than Hindi/Telugu and he thought of registering the name under a English movie. Now he didnt know that if he had registered the movie as a telugu movie he would have cut a lot of cost, but he learnt. He learnt the hard way. He did not get distributors who would buy the reels. But, the fighter that he is.. he did not loose hope. He went to the manager of Sangeet theatre( Secunderabad’s then most hep movie hall) and paid money to the theatre owner to rent his theatre for one show a day for three days. One noon show for three days. He was pretty damn sure that if atleast 100 people watch his movie, by the word of mouth it would run. that is exactly what happened. people loved the movie, the movie was lapped by youngsters more. Then he had distributors queued up. He made a small amount of profit on the movie. the movie won him the prestigious National award for the best debutant director. Sekhar has arrived.

ANAND 2004

The puncline for the movie: Manchi Coffee Lanti Cinema ( Cinema like a good Coffee). It couldnt have been better. The puchline defined it all. Wonderful movie, beautiful music, beautiful editing, spectacular directon. Super performance by the lead actress Komalinee Mukherjee( who played shilpa Shetty Sister in Phir Milenge). The movie did not boast of any huge superstars, or any foreign locales. A very low budget movie. Sekhar did it again.
Even after the moderate sucess and high critical acclaim of Dollar Dreams Sekhar had to start th journey from the scratch. No investors, no producers. But, he wanted to make this movie right from his student days when he was studying Cinema. As mentioned earlier he had written the script of Anand as his final thesis. He was passionate about this movie, he believed in this movie. The movie if made would be released into telugu movie Industry when the movie which were ruling were Factionist movies, teenage movies and mindless comic movies. But, that had to stop according to Sekhar. A fantastic movie can be made without any of these was his answers with Anand. And boy-o-boy he did make it.

The movie begins during Roopa’s( Komalinee) childhood. She looses all her family in a terrible car accident. She believes she had a part in the death of her family as had she not tried to stop them they could have avoided the accident. Roopa grows into a confident yet unsure at times beautiful girl. She is about to get married to her Boyfriend, but, she is in two states of mind if she is marrying him because she loves him or because she he has everything in him that a girl when faced with araanged marriage scenario will never say no to. The marriage is broken on the wedding day beacuse of the adamant behaviour of the guy’s mom and i wont budge behaviour of Roopa. Enter Anand( Raja). Anand is the son of the person who in his drunken stupor hit the car driven my Roopa’s parents causing their death.

The film from there takes you through a journey.. the journey that sekhar mastered in his next venture Godavari..but started in Anand. The journey of Love-hate relationship was captured almost unbelievebly. The banters between Roopa-Anand- Anita(Roopa’s chilhood friend) are seen to be believed as to how real they look. The idea is “lifted”. Lifted from your life, lifted from my life, lifted from the life of the pan-wallah, lifted from my Grandma’s life. The movie gets so dangeroulsy close to real life that at times you feel that you are Roopa, that you are Anand, that you are Anita, that you are Anish Kuruvilla(Anand’s cousin and executive producer of the movie).

Some ohh so real scenes

Anand asking the Grandma to rent the room to him and explains to her how good-boy he is

Anand asking Anita if he can join her for a jog and Anita instantly retorts saying Light Tesuko( Light le… Chill out.. tahnks but no thanks)

Someone in the bus tries talking to Roopa about her broken marriage, and seeing roopa’s discomfort.. Anand asks her to tell such kind of people to shut up… Roopa’s response… You Hsut up

Little girl asking anand to give her the toothpaste so she can eat some

Anand when confromted by Rowdies doesnt resort to fighting with them, but just calls the police.

Anand talking about Roopa’s Ass

If i keep mentioning all the “ohh so real scenes” i would be putting in paper the entire screenplay.

Some amazing songs, equally amzing picturisation. Anand is a class 101 for all the students of the film craft to learn on how to make a fantastcic movie with a shoe-string budget. All you need is the drive.. the drive to captivate the viewers with you storytelling and attarcting the viewers into your thought process. The same drive did not diminish in Sekhar after the major success of Anand. The same passion, the same dedication, the same honesty was to be seen in his in next venture:

Godavari (2006)

A very good article on the review of Godavari is written by cinema fanatic Sudha can be found here The Journey is continued from where he had a small halt in Anand. Godavari is the story of characters evolving during a boat ride. It is loosley based on the characterization of Lord Rama from Ramayana. Ram(Sumanth) is a selfless guy who would give away his last penny to the needy. After completing his education in USA he wants to join politics but doesnt know where to start
. Sita is an Independent woman( or she believes she is) who’s Clothing business is dead as a do-do.
They both land up on the same boat which is going to Bhadrachalam.. and then shuru ho gaya safar( thats the start of the journey). the way Sekhar meticulously delas with his characters is amazing. there are no unwanted characters in the movie, there is no character which is ill-defined. Crytal clear.. every aspect of the movie is CRYTAL CLEAR. There is a subplot of a dog which is hillarious. Never have i seen the use of a “sutradhar” so imaginatively that too through a dog. Every scene invoving the dog cracks you up. …

(oz’s comment : to be continued… this post was “forcibly” published by oz, so readers could enjoy this amazing write up… next in line - striker’s secret obsession)

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44 Responses to “Sekhar Kammula: Passion for cinema?”

  1. WB on October 25th, 2006 9:07 pm

    -Sumeet, ^:)^ amazing write-up! We want more!!

    (forcibly published by Oz.. he he)

    -Oz, thanks for that “balatkaar” mate.

  2. oz on October 25th, 2006 9:13 pm

    - WB, I just couldn’t hold myself back. This amazing writeup has been in the drafts section for over a month, my hands were itching, I wanted to spread this amazing knowledge about this amazing director… what the hell… I’ll buy sumeet a round of drinks this weekend.

    wait till i “forcibly” publish Striker’s secret obsession. mindblowing yaar! (oz to self: Oye Control Yaar!)

  3. striker on October 25th, 2006 9:25 pm

    oh damn.. sorry oz, i’ll get to it first thing on friday :D

  4. fourthwall on October 25th, 2006 10:13 pm

    Amazing write up Sumeet.Kudos man.Sekhar almost re defined Telugu cinema with the movie Anand.If you observe the movies Anand and Godavari closely,you can see a faint stamp of “Bapu” (another great Telugu director from 70’s and 80’s)kind of cinema which we missed during all these years.The strong female characters,”moments” defining the story,honesty in story telling,sensible comedy and sensuous songs (a-hem-”Andamga lena” what a song that was from Godavari) - huh,watching Sekhar’s movie is like having a filter coffee on a winter morning.

    Here is an article by the man himself on his kind of cinema and his hope the “minority” like him will sure turn into “majority” in near future.Non Telugu readers,please excuse.

  5. kartik krishnan on October 25th, 2006 10:22 pm

    another engineer turned filmaker??? that is music to my ears !!!!!

    thanx sumeet for this wonderful write up…and thanx oz too….

    sekar kammula … man to watch out for !!!!!

  6. kaalia on October 26th, 2006 1:19 am

    Sekhar is just about okay.nothing more than that. his heart is in the right place but when it comes to executuion sekhar has a long way to go.anand was an attempt at doing a hrishikesh mukherjee kind of film but where was the wit, charm and intelligence that hrishidas characters had? and the second half was such a bloody drag…couldnt sit through it..roopa in anand is an independant woman - a very todays woman who has grown up on her own, someone who has brought up her siblings ..Now why would someone like
    that behave like a silly sentimental fool ?.all that roothna and manaana didnt go with the character..and that baby talk kind of dialog delivery.. real cinema is not just about real situations but real characters as well ..this is an area that sekhar should be working on….anyway telugu cinema today is such a cesspool that even the slightest deviation
    from mainstream trash calls for a lot of courage and sk should atleast be commended for that.

  7. Shitij on October 26th, 2006 1:22 am

    The article was inspiring….

    But….why doesnt India have some good,inexpensive film schools……why does someone who loves cinema in this country has to go for a course in US (I have heard lot of similar stories)… there is FTII…which takes/sucks fickin 3 prime years of your life to throw you in this big bad world of movies…..I had hope with Whistling Woods (Subhash Ghai’s school)….but that too costs 10 lakhs…to teach me direction…

    Say I cant go to US…I dont have 10 lakhs…I dont want to spend 3 years of my life (and then start again from scratch)……any other option???

    I mean why cant this country have film communities….where like minded people can just discuss movies…be it acting,direction,editing etc………I think for movies …no one can teach you something very revolutionary…all those who love cinema…always had within them…film schools were just needed for polishing their skills…

    Why cant there be part time film schools for weekends,weekdays……why can we have some forum where we can just submit our short movies,stories,concepts……and get feedback….

    I am really frustrated cause uptill now…I didnt had a forum also to put my views…thanks POC.

  8. kalki on October 26th, 2006 3:53 am

    just wanted to share a different opinion.
    i dint quite like Godavari. i think it had a loose script or atleast, got loose at execution.

    His first mainstream film Anand was good, it created a wave, the telugu film industry desperately needed something like that. But definitely, from an execution point of view, it was not up to the mark. and that can be easily understood by the low finances the movie had. the major part of the finance was provided by NFDC. so he had to shoot it at a minimal budget. but he pulled it off very well to an astounding success.

    i very much awaited his next film godavari, cos he wouldnt be having problems with finance now and his true talent could be materialised without compromises.
    but i was disappointed with the movie. a loose script. sumeet, i really dint find the ‘Dog Comedy’ to be funny. dont know why. we are different people lol.

    i came to know that the shooting of the movie Godavari went haywire cos of sudden rainfall in the godavari region(yes, godavari is a place/river).
    as the movie was shot mostly outdoors and that too on a boat on the river, i think they had to make some compromises.

    now im waiting for a sekhar kammula film for which he dint make any compromises. considering his sensibility, that would be great to watch. and then, one can actually know what he is capable of doing. im hoping to have one of his movies in my favourite movies list.
    i respect this man. he has the sensibility. he definitely has the ‘passion for cinema’. he is honest. nobody is like that in the telugu film industry. he would be my first and obvious choice in the telugu film industry if i had to apply for work as an assitant director.
    but right now, to say that he has proved himself to be a great ‘filmmaker’ would be an overstatement.
    to say that he has proved that he has the potential to be a great filmmaker is justified.
    to say that he is the most sensible/honest filmmaker in the telugu film industry is also justified.

  9. Shyam Sundar on October 26th, 2006 6:00 am

    In a world called the telugu film industry in which every second movie is about ‘i want (in that south indian nasal twang) to love you’ or ‘i want to be a friend’, Shekhar Kommula is indeed a refreshing change.

    I had seen ‘Godavari’ back to back with another telugu film called ‘Pokiri’ (this was during my short holiday and i wanted to catch up on all the telugu movies b4 i head bak to mumbai) and i was startled at the two different worlds on display.

    To say that ‘Godavari’ was refreshing would be an understatement of sorts. To say that Pokiri was running to a full house would be ah! stating the obvious.

    Heartening to know that this kind of middle-of-the-road cinema is being made in the telugu film industry.

    Komolina Mukherjee is a great find and rumour has it that she said no to Raghvedra Rao production of ‘Ramadas’ to starr in ‘Godavari’. Though the former was a bigger hit still i think she made quite a smart move to act in this finely crafted movie.

  10. Manjeet singh on October 26th, 2006 6:56 am

    Good to know engineers are coming into the industry. There are already quite a few engineers:-
    Ramu’s camp is full of them, which include himself, his chief AD prsently Akshay, Manish Gupta his writer, Shirish Kunder, talking about telegu stars Aditya OM hmmmm thats few I can remember I am sure there are lot more.
    Talking about learning Direction. I believe a school would only refine ur talent. Its something you r born with. As far as the techniques involved in visual story telling you can learn in 2 days:) Rest is all common sense and the natural talent. In USA if u want to complete a MFA program you will have to spend 2-3 years atleast and shell out atleast $100k if going to a respected school. Compare to that, FTII is wonderful. The problem I find about FTII is that they only teach one aspect of filmmaking wheres as the US would teach u every department.

  11. shitij on October 26th, 2006 7:23 am

    Well then the problem remains…..I mean what about people who want to learn something…how can they show there talent………

    This is all very confusing…if an established person in the industry like Anurag has to go all this……then what about one who has not even started……

    Long way to go…

  12. t! on October 26th, 2006 7:42 am

    Sumeet, thank’s for this. I am such a big fan of independent film, and I never hear of any independent filmmakers in India. Thank’s for this, of course I will find the movies, and what other independent filmmakers in India should we be watching out for?

  13. oz on October 26th, 2006 7:44 am

    - I think Sumeet still hasn’t woken up and checked out that his one month old draft got published last night… ;)

  14. Manjeet singh on October 26th, 2006 7:45 am

    Shitij Film industry is indeed very tough. Its kind of a ‘agnipath’ and one should be ready for it. A saying goes to be succesful the most important thing is luck, then comes ur contacts and then the talent.
    There are so many ways to learn if you have money n time on your side take a masters program in a reputed school, you could join a short course at Zima, Arena which might not be the best but will teach u the basics. Then u need to enter the industry somehow. Talking of Anurag: very few people in the industry reach the stage he is presently at. There is no doubt he deserves a lot more and our wishes are with him. I am sure he will be a household name like Ramu.Our hope lies in people like him to revolutionise the kind of films we are making.
    If you really have a passion why think of all the difficulties. Leave all to the allmighty and take a plunge. Thats what I have done and I have not even started anywhere:)

  15. oz on October 26th, 2006 8:08 am

    - You know, I don’t think the ways and process of getting into the film industry is “any” different from what “papads” people have to “bail” in other industries. Take for that matter the software industry. for people coming to the US, there are countless horror stories of what “engineers” have to go through to get work. me included.

    The opening of gates to get a project or a job as a software engineer (or any other job) at an entry level position seems to be on the same plain as that for an AD in the cinema industry.

  16. shitij on October 26th, 2006 8:32 am

    Thanks Manjeet/Oz,

    I am also a so called software engineer (and trust me it SUCKS)…..I dont know about you people…but I dont want to end this life in my office staring this computer screen……

    But I am also amazed…Oz for you to be a soft Pro @ US……you must be having good technical skills…..but I dont ‘have’/'want to have’ them.

    I have read your writeups very carefully….and I think if you are a soft pro….then your REAL talent is getting wasted…….

    I mean the ideas you gave to Anurag on Flasbacks were as creative as one can be……

    I want to know what is going on from the people in this forum to do something (to take these ideas to the world)….Please dont get me wrong but I think at the end of the game only those of us who did somthing in this field (acting,directing,editing…etc.)…and did it good/best……will be remembered……rest will just come and go.

    How can I be the one who did something…whether good/bad/best….that my journey will tell.

  17. Manjeet singh on October 26th, 2006 8:49 am

    Guys been in the US I have realized its a shear waste of time. If you look at a typical NRI he spends his entire life struggling saving every single penny he can, merely survives and is worth around $500k at the end of his career. in the process is cut off from his country, culture his family, friends etc. I felt like a prisoner in the US. In Mumbai I am happy even if theres nothing too much happening as of now.

  18. shitij on October 26th, 2006 8:57 am

    Manjeet could you share your profile, I will really appreciate that.

    Thanks and Regards.

  19. sumeet on October 26th, 2006 9:23 am

    HOLY COW!!!!!! What the fuck is this….? Damnnnnnnnn… Oz, OZ, OZ, Oz…. Man o man… Dude i have no idea how to react on this.. no for real i have no idea… Guys i am neckdeep in my work but, will surely comeback later today and read every comment and try to answert them too. Thanks for Fantastic response, and hey Oz we needa talk…:-t, Lol!!=))

  20. ravptor on October 26th, 2006 9:45 am

    Ok… me a hyderbadi. Born and brought up there. Comp Sci engg from JNTU, USA bug for MS. Will finish in an year. Am bit by the 6 letter word too…

    I saw shekar when he came to our coll festival last yr. Modest guy and really sweet. Loves cinema and makes it with all his heart. His songs are what I listen too when ever I think abt Andhra.

    Shekar if u reading this, I am very certain ur, get on to PFC man… u belong here…

  21. Sudha Elavarti on October 26th, 2006 11:46 am

    Sumeet..very could you keep such an amazing write up in warps for so long..Thanks OZ for letting it out.
    The hospital scene you have mentioned in Dollar Dreams was the inspiration for him to make the movie. In real a couple approached his doctor sister and he was taken back by there USA bug.

    I really wish I could get a one-one talk chance with Shekar. I am going to try my best to trace him dowm soon :d

  22. Tara on October 26th, 2006 12:41 pm

    great article sumeet! thanks for telling me about the site. the article makes me want to go out and find these movies when I get back to Minneapolis! i have not watched many indian movies but hope i can find these. any other recommendations?

  23. sumeet on October 26th, 2006 4:51 pm

    @WB Thanks a lot man. Now i am in a fix…Should i finish this article or just leave it the way it is? You can see i havent even done the Proof-read for this one. Yeah.. Didnt even get a whiff of air that this was coming… Oz.. Maar Padegi(Mohit Ahlawat from “James” style) kidding bro..

    @ Fouthwall.. Yeah Sekhar is a name to watch out for in future.. unfortunately i havent seen many Bapu movies in telugu other than Mr.Pellam. “Andam ga lena” is one real good sensous song without getting vulgar or too much of skin show or even gyrations… Pure sensuality at its best. Defines exactly the character of Sita in the movie.. Check out Komalinee’s expressions in

    @KK… yeah buddy mark him up there as someone not to miss

    @ Kaalia… I respect your opinion, but i utterly disagree with your opinion too..if that makes sense
    heres what u left
    “Now why would someone like
    that behave like a silly sentimental fool”

    I want to stress on these three words “silly sentimental fool”. Alright are these three different words which shud read silly,sentimental and fool or these combined like the way u put.
    My question, have you really seen anybody in life who is very matured and independent and still “doesnt”act silly, sentimental and/or a fool? if so, please let me know.. i want to meet that person. Another correction: Roopa doesnt raise her sibblings in the movie Anand. remember, she has only one brother who dies in the mishap?
    another one from you:
    “anyway telugu cinema today is such a cesspool that even the slightest deviation
    from mainstream trash calls for a lot of courage and sk should atleast be commended for that.”

    Dude, how many times have we seen a director start with a bang and fade away right from his second or third movie… what shud be commended of sekhar is growth as a director with each passing movie… and this gradual growth makes anyone a better director in the long run. So, Sekhar shud not be “ATLEAST” commended for that..but commended as in whole, as he is trying to bring in a refreshing revolution in cinema.

    @Kalki… Funny is such a relative term.. you might not have liked the dog-comedy track..but i was ROFLMAO.
    eg: A scene where when Ram is trying his level best to woo his Cousin.. the dog goes..” Ahh i love my dog life.. we dont have to go thru all this shit of woo’ing.. just wham bham thank you mam”
    And yes you heard it right, the shooting went haywire because of rain and other uncontrollable situations, which i wanted to mention in the article..but cudnt.. that is exactly why sekhar said what i put as the begining of my article.

    @SS welcome to the league


    @T! Thanks.. i think another independent moviemaker who made it big is Nagesh Kukunoor

    @Ravptor.. Rock On my Man… Manasa Gelupu nee de raa( Heart.. victory is all yours)

    @Sudha.. Thanks.. Check your e-mail. Your article on Godavari was fantastic too.

    @ Tara.. Thanks for atlast coming on here..I hope you liked PFC… Keep coming here, you will get addicted as many up here are right now.

  24. sumeet on October 26th, 2006 4:52 pm

    Speacial thanks to Oz… I am pretty sure had you not published this, it would have been sitting in the drafts for a lot many more days. Damn i am such a lazy ass.

  25. Divya on October 26th, 2006 11:58 pm

    am shifting my base to mumbai next week…. am almost running out of my savings… dont know where am going to put up…. dont know where am going to work…. dont know how am going to survive…. but one thing that am sure of is am leaving for good… such timely act to put this article on the loop… thank you both….you have reinforced my belief… it ain’t impossible to make the kind of films one wants to…. thanks for the ample dose… much needed motivation…

  26. Manjeet singh on October 27th, 2006 7:17 am

    Shitij… here we go…………
    After meeting the passionate cinema online lovers I have realised there are quite a few people like me. Mumbai is my hometown. I did BE in Mech here then MS in Mech from the USA, worke there for few years, got a chance to do a short film making course at NYFA. It convinced me that the field I should be in is Cinema. I always had a dream of making a film someday and did this course to learn the basics. As luck would have it I was able to get into the production dept. of ‘Jo Bole So Nihaal’, when they were filming in New York. It gave me a mixed feeling of our film industry and made some good contacts.
    Just returned for good to pursue my dreams in Film making. Currently I am observing the post production work of a film. Hopefully would be assisting the director in his next venture:)

  27. shitij on October 27th, 2006 7:38 am

    Thanks Manjeet.

    MS in Mech…:o…I too am a BTech Mechi…

    But when I look back @ my life…I feel what a waste of all those precious years…I mean I could have learned so much about movies in those formidable years of my life.

    I hope you can really understand what I am talking about.

    Man how was the experience like…working with Rahul Rawail,Sunny and co. (well actually no one except them are of any worth in the movie)…..and why did Rawail tried to act in the movie…his act was even worse than the movie itself…and add to that Kamaal Khan and you have a perfect box office RDX (disaster).

    Really man I appreciate your desire to be someone…I not only hope…but I am confident that you will make it one day…

    If I could be of some help in this journey of yours …I would really consider myself fortunate.

    Really hope our actions speak louder…one day…that one day.

  28. Manjeet singh on October 27th, 2006 7:54 am

    Shitij…….. Been an engineer also develops your mind. If u start very earlier in the films your mind might not grow. You need a mature mind to direct a film I think. It good to have varied experinces in life and then grow. Complete ur education and then do whatever u want to do.
    Its an interesting incident that happened. I went to see the shooting of the film which was taking place in a Gurudwara in Queens. I was wearing my NYFA fleece and casually asked the line producer if there is anything I can be of help as I am from the same profession. They did not ask me anything technical about film making. The question was can u drive that 30 feet long mobile house in New York City, which happened to be Sunny’s makeup van. I did not even went back home and took off with them and stayed with them in the motel.
    Talking of Sunny is a very nice person, very quite does not bother anyone.
    Mr Rawail is a very difficult person to deal with. Who is much more interested in spying on the crew, who is doing what rater than direction. Screams uselessly. It was funny that the dialouges were changed at the very last moment. Nobody except the director knew what the heck was going on. The films screenplay is so stupid. May be it was the hot model in Florida which made him act. I dont know just kiddin:)

  29. shitij on October 27th, 2006 8:05 am

    Seriously man the movie is pathetic……a scene where Kamaal Khan is in some pathetic wig and acts like he is the father of the real Kamaal Khan….really a genius like Rawail could have thought/shown that scene….what gets to my nerve is that Sunny actually believes him ~X(~X(

    There is a ship scene where the heroine of the movie…who is supposed to be with FBI…is in a swim suit while Sunny is after Kamaal Khan…

    Really man….the way Sunny’s mom reaches US from Punjab (that too in a flash)…no Visa nothing…

    Boy the movie was creative…~X(~X(

  30. kartik krishnan on October 27th, 2006 9:11 am

    shitij and manjeet …. u could’ve mailed/exchanged email addresses/chatted with each other and discussed on Jo bole so nihaal … or either of you cld’ve been an author on PFC and posted a seperate post titled ‘My experiences with Rahul rawail’ and discussed your opinions ….

    Don’t mean to be sounding rude, but the above post is regarding Sekhar kammula …. it would be nice if u stuck to the topic …. coz ur comments aren’t anywhere related to the original post ….

  31. Manjeet singh on October 28th, 2006 6:30 am

    OZ….Pls read

    Are bhai Kartik, this site is new and we do not know how to be an author or rather if we can be author. Karthik theres a dialogue for u from the film ‘Jane bhi do yaron’ that goes “Shant Ghada dhari Bheem Shant!”. Its a classic dialogue with mumbaities when a person when is upset.
    Is it ok to exchange contact info?
    Rahul Rawail is not worth talking about:) Anyways I might have some interesting topics, which I would like to post how do i do that.
    Please ignore my stupidity if I ignored some simple thing:)

  32. Honhaar Goonda on October 28th, 2006 6:44 am

    Manjeet Singh,

    to contact oz:

  33. kartik krishnan on October 29th, 2006 10:33 pm

    “Shaant gadhdhari bheem shaant” :))

    Theek hai yaar … another one : “Bade bade deshon main aisi chot choti baatein hoti raheti hain ” \:d/

    Contact oz … and do post ur experiences/ discussions … I’m sure everyone would love to hear them ….

  34. NANARESH on January 15th, 2007 6:14 am

    Seriously man the movie is pathetic……a scene where Kamaal Khan is in some pathetic wig and acts like he is the father of the real Kamaal Khan….really a genius like Rawail could have thought/shown that scene….what gets to my nerve is that Sunny actually believes him

    There is a ship scene where the heroine of the movie…who is supposed to be with FBI…is in a swim suit while Sunny is after Kamaal Khan…

    Really man….the way Sunny’s mom reaches US from Punjab (that too in a flash)…no Visa nothing…

    Boy the movie was creative

  35. Kumar on February 18th, 2007 6:26 am

    Very Good article

  36. terror for sekhar kammula on March 30th, 2007 12:23 pm

    [admin note: comment has personal attacks and abuse]

    [edited] sekhar kammula

    he is commercial guy under the mask of art.

    He collected lakhs of ruppes from NRI huy who was selected for his recent film Happy days.

    Ok !!! i had good experience with [edited]

    beware of wild sekhar kammula.


    i will come with prrofs next time.

  37. Mainak on March 30th, 2007 1:34 pm

    What the fuck is this terro talking about?
    where is the “prrofs”?
    Though i have a hunch he could be right.
    I remember DOLLAR DREAMS got such bad reviews i didnt even bother. Even though i really wanted to see it.

  38. oz on March 30th, 2007 1:55 pm

    Not sure Mainak. Think he is drunk and found our site or someone who is unemployed - thereby an idle brain - and has access to the internet.

    prrofs could be proofs. huy could be guy.

  39. OM on March 30th, 2007 1:59 pm

    Well he has left the url of Sekhar’s official website

    Mainak, do watch Dollar Dreams, its a nice little movie. It won Sekhar the national for best Debut.

  40. spoorthi cheersmile on September 6th, 2007 3:13 am

    :)itz the lovely article dude. It was an inspired me a lot.

  41. Hayat Shaikh on September 13th, 2007 11:44 pm

    Dear Sir,,,,,,,,
    please contact me as i need to discuess about Dollar Dreams and required the print to view in
    my no. are 09892342434 & 09833577407


  42. Krishna on September 25th, 2007 8:17 am

    It’s a nice movie Dude! I like the way Sekhar passion of making film

  43. sampath kumar on October 6th, 2007 4:46 am

    hi iam sampath hyd ur great director naa ku chaala estam ellani ti movis antee and baguunadhi naa ku direstion neerpistharaa naa ku action antee estam amd directinon mee next pic kii thisu konntaara 9949005604
    rajendhranagar kismathpur rangaredydist 3-100 my .

  44. Mouna on October 8th, 2007 9:56 pm

    ur movie inspired me whn iwas in my bad times and roopa’s character made me live confidently in life for watever problems you get in ur life..

    Thank you shekhar for providing such a beautifull movie. :)

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