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Hills Exclusive: Heidi Confirms Plastic Surgery, Says She "Hated" Her Body
Wednesday September 26, 2007

Heidi Montag is finally ready to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

In an exclusive interview, Montag confirms what Us first reported in its April 23 issue: that she had undergone rhinoplasty and breast augmentation earlier that month.

The 21-year-old aspiring singer opens about her decision to go under the knife, enlarging from a 32-A to a 32-C, and the painful body-­image problems that spurred her to make a change.

Tell Us why you had the surgeries.
“I’ve always been very insecure about my body. My whole life, I looked at my chest and was like, OK, they’re going to grow. This is my year! And it never happened. I was less than an A-cup. I wore pushup bras, which cut into my skin. If I was with a guy and there was a girl next to me with big boobs, I would be like, Oh, my God, he’s looking at her! On the beach, if I was standing next to a girl with big boobs, I’d be like, I hate her! I hated my nose too. I have my dad’s nose, which is huge. It took up so much of my face, when I looked down, I could see my nose. I couldn’t get away from it!”

Were you ever teased about your appearance?
“People would say, “You have such a big nose!” And they’d make fun of me for being so flat, and say mean boy things, like, “If you nailed two nails in a board, they would be bigger than you are.” I was tormented. And when I was older, I’d want to be intimate, but I’d feel insecure. My boyfriends always had bigger chests than I did!”

A lot of people believe Spencer pressured you into surgery, since he's made his love of Playboy bunnies known.
“He had nothing to do with it. If anything, he said, 'maybe you should think about it a lot longer'."

Take Us back to April 2, the day of ­surgery.
“I woke up, and it was like Christmas: I was a nervous wreck, but I was just so excited at the same time. Spencer said, “I’m so proud of you.” It was like he was wishing me well off to school: “Love you! Bye!” But surgery is a very big deal. Right before I went in, I was like, What if I don’t wake up? Oh, this is scary. Then I thought, I don’t care. If I don’t wake up, it’s worth it. I just wanted it so badly.”

For more details on Heidi’s surgery and recovery, pick up the new issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands this week. To get your instant Hills news and gossip fix, check out our Hills Extra site now!

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