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Charmed And Dangerous

From Evil Leo to Barbas the Demon of Fear, The Charmed Ones have faced some truly dastardly villains over the course of the show's seven seasons. Kate Anderson counts down Charmed's Top 10 bad guys (and gals). Don't be scared now!

The Cleaners

Who am I?: The Cleaners were created by The Magic Tribunal, which consists of two demons and two Elders. Empowered by both good and evil, they are responsible for cleaning up after magic has been exposed. They have the power to remove all evidence, erase memories and, if necessary, rewrite history. When Phoebe and Paige are caught on tape using their powers, The Cleaners cover it up and use Darryl as a scapegoat. Things go from bad to worse, when The Charmed Ones end up on trial! Okay, so they may not technically be villains, but they have done some terrible villain-like things.

If looks could kill: They'd probably kill you if you spilled anything on those white suits! Smartly dressed and well groomed, they are, in short, the perfect man (men) to take home to meet the folks. Looks-wise, anyway.

Charmed appearances: Season six.

Best remembered for: Looking rather dapper in their white suits; framing Darryl for a murder he didn't commit (and sending him to death row!); and kidnapping Wyatt and erasing his existence after he accidentally brought a dragon to life.

Memorable quote: "You're only delaying the inevitable I'm afraid. Now, if you don't mind, we have a lot of cleaning to do!"

Jeremy Burns

Who am I?: On the surface, Jeremy seemed like the perfect boyfriend; gorgeous, charming and attentive. But so often looks can be deceiving, and none more so than in Jeremy's case. It transpired that Jeremy was in fact an evil Warlock and the only reason he was dating Piper was so he could get close to her and The Charmed Ones to steal their powers. He was the first Warlock the girls vanquished.

If looks could kill: The perfect handsome boyfriend - not so sure about the flames shooting out of his fingertips though!

Charmed appearances: Seasons one and two.

Best remembered for: Being a bit smarmy; fooling Piper into believing he was the perfect boyfriend; being a serial killer of witches.

Memorable quote: "Cool parlour trick, bitch. You were always the tough one weren't you, Prue?"

Evil Leo

Who am I?: It's hard to think of Leo as evil. Maybe it's because of his adorable face and cute puppy dog eyes. Or maybe it's his devotion to Piper and his sons, Chris and Wyatt. Whatever the reason, he certainly hasn't got that 'evil' look going on for him. But at the end of season six we learn that there are two sides to every coin - or more specifically every universe. A mirror universe exists where our good guys are bad and the bad guys virtuous. Evil Leo is the opposite of our ultimate hero. But, good or evil, Leo's instincts still lead him to save The Charmed Ones.

If looks could kill: Just think of the gorgeous guy next door with an attitude. The guy your mother warned you about - but you fell for anyway!

Charmed appearances: Season six.

Best remembered for: Restoring the balance - putting good and evil back where they belong. (Okay, that's not really evil, but we won't tell him if you won't).

Memorable quote: "Have you ever seen anything so... good?"

The Triad

Who am I?: A high-level council consisting of members at the highest level of the demonic hierarchy. The Triad has the power to determine the fate of any demon who has fallen from grace. They don't like getting their hands dirty, so they will often assign lower level demons to do their evil work. Which, when you think about it, is really rather clever. I mean, why work if you don't have to?

If looks could kill: Sinister looking men who dress in brown hooded cloaks.

Charmed appearances: Season three.

Best remembered for: Sending Cole/Belthazor and numerous other assassins to try and kill The Charmed Ones; and for almost wiping out their entire line.

Memorable quote: "You were out to destroy the witches, instead, you bedded one of them."

The Seer

Who am I?: The Seer has been around for thousands of years. Greatly respected in The Underworld, she has served multiple Sources in her time. In fact, because she has the power to see the future, she served as advisor to The Source. Although she has plans of her own and is always seeking the perfect opportunity to gain the ultimate power she so desperately craves. It involves starting a new evil order and getting rid of The Charmed Ones. She is immune to spells and tonics. And will only kill if she has to. If looks could kill: The perfect representation of the female species.

Charmed appearances: Seasons four and five.

Best remembered for: Having the power to see into the future; working in league with The Source; and planning to steal Phoebe's unborn child so she could raise the child to become the next Source of all Evil.

Memorable quote: "I command all in attendance to witness the power of The Source - and the death of The Charmed Ones."


Who am I?: Leo's mentor and principal of The Magic School. A powerful Elder, Gideon was a handy guy to have around, as he would often advise The Charmed Ones when magical disasters occurred. But Gideon had a dark side. He made a deal with the Darklighters to get rid of Leo and conspired with demons to make The Charmed Ones part of the demonic reality show Witch Wars. He wanted The Charmed Ones out of the way so he could get rid of baby Wyatt, whom he viewed as a too powerful source that might shift the balance between good and evil.

If looks could kill: Gideon looked a nice enough gent. In fact, just like a typical headmaster; educated and intelligent. Charmed appearances: Season six.

Best remembered for: Being head of The Magic School; trying to destroy Wyatt; sending Leo and Chris to a mirrored world where evil prevails; stabbing Leo in the back - metaphorically; and basically killing anyone or anything that would get in his way, including poor Chris!

Memorable quote: "Leo, please, you have to understand. I am only doing this for the Greater Good. I swear."


Who am I?: The Source's less than pretty personal assassin. He is one very dangerous demon, so it's no wonder The Source picked Shax to be his right hand man, er. demon. Shax has the power to travel as a strong gust of wind. He kills his victims with very powerful energy blasts. During one such attack on an Innocent by Shax, The Charmed Ones paid the ultimate price, resulting in the death of Prue. Although revenge came quickly - but not sweetly - when they vanquished Shax's sorry ass!

If looks could kill: One look at Shax is enough to scare anyone to death. In short, creepy, even with the effeminate long hair!

Charmed appearances: Seasons three and four.

Best remembered for: Being The Source's top guy, not to mention rather ugly; being a demon of, er. very few words; and killing Prue and (temporarily) destroying the Power of Three.

Memorable quote: "The end."


Who am I?: Barbas, otherwise known as the Demon of Fear, makes an appearance once every 1,300 years on Friday the 13th for 24 hours. His life force is derived by feeding off the fear of witches. In order for Barbas to break free from his eternal bonds and walk the earth he has to kill 13 unmarried female witches before midnight on the 13th. (This guy obviously has a thing about the number 13!) His continued bid for freedom from The Underworld is usually at The Charmed Ones' expense.

If looks could kill: Old and evil with pale skin and piercing eyes; sends shivers down your spine just by looking at you. Charmed appearances: Seasons one, two, five, six and seven.

Best remembered for: Being able to literally scare witches to death; having the power of astral projection; tricking Paige into giving him Cole's powers; becoming a lawyer and putting The Charmed Ones on trial; and being the King of Comebacks - he's been vanquished, like, four times!

Memorable quote: "How cute. The great big Elder's afraid of the teeny-weeny itsy-bitsy baby."

The Source

Who am I?: Highest-ranking demon in The Underworld, which he rules over. Receives his powers through a coronation and is granted dominion over all demons in The Underworld. Over a thousand years ago, during one of the most important wars in The Underworld, The Source took control and vanquished his most powerful competition. He likes to call himself The Source of all Evil, but it's just a name. The Source has been responsible for many, many heinous acts. And plotting to impregnate Phoebe with his evil spawn was definitely one of his worst.

If looks could kill: Must be on the unattractive side - why else hide his face with a cowl (also known as a loose hood)? It's been a long, long time since anyone has seen his face, but it is reported to be covered in scars. And someone really should tell The Source that red isn't, er, his colour!

Charmed appearances: Seasons three and four.

Best remembered for: Sending Piper into a coma in order to make her give up her powers; breaking an age-old agreement between good and evil and stealing The Hollow, an ancient vapor, which he used to absorb The Charmed Ones' powers; possessing Cole and taking over his body; and having a complex about his appearance.

Memorable quote: "The Charmed Ones are dead."



Who am I?: Belthazor was the world's greatest, most powerful and dangerous demon for a century. An infamous soldier of fortune, in his time, he destroyed countless demons, witches and Innocents. Part of what made Belthazor so powerful was that, unlike most other demons, he had a soul. Belthazor was the demonic side of Cole Turner. The half-human half-demon came into The Charmed Ones' lives as ADA Cole Turner. It didn't take long for Phoebe to fall for Cole's tall, dark, good looks. Of course, she didn't know he was an evil demon at the time! Although, perhaps if she'd seen his demon face first, Phoebe would never have fallen in love with him.

If looks could kill: Sexy as hell in human form. But looks like Darth Maul's uglier cousin as a demon. Either that, or Belthazor's got a very bad case of sunburn!

Charmed appearances: Seasons three and four.

Best remembered for: Being the ultimate Big Bad of the series; looking absolutely drop dead gorgeous (as Cole Turner); being good at throwing energy balls; falling in love with a Charmed One; and eventually turning into a complete human. Oh, and getting vanquished!

Memorable quote: "This isn't a mask, Phoebe. It's who I am. Who I really am. I'm half-human. My father was mortal."

Charmed 150th feature courtesy of Charmed - The Official Magazine