Welcome to my Adobe Atmosphere tutorials and worlds!

Adobe Atmophere 1.0 was discontinued and withdrawn from the market as of December 19, 2004. A sad day.


I'm writing an eBook for beginning and intermediate digital artists.
Expect to publish "Art Head Start" in September 2005.

Learn Adobe Atmosphere lighting, sound, animation and more

A fantastic new web 3D tool!

After 3 years of development, version 1.0 of this amazing product was released to the public by Adobe on November 19, 2003. I'm a long time admirer and beta tester of Atmosphere. So, i created this site for all of you who wish to build 3D interactive, animated, chat-enabled, immersive scenes - for your own web sites or for your clients. As you can see by expanding the menu, most of the info here is about Adobe Atmosphere lighting and audio, but i will be adding several other topics as well.

So, what is Adobe Atmosphere?

Adobe describes it as "..the 3D interactive stage set for the Web".
What can Adobe Atmosphere do for you and your clients?
  • Lets you drop high quality 3D scenes right into your web pages or PDF files
  • Streams 3D objects, Poser avatars, Flash, video, audio and other media
  • 3D scenes are multi-user and interactive
    • Visitors can explore, chat, gesture and interact inside your scenes
    • Physics engine for realistic animation, movement, object interactions
    • Programmable through JavaScript and a rich runtime API

  • Beautiful
    • Realistic Radiosity lighting, Viewpoint 3D technology
    • Animated water, smoke, fire, etc.
    • Special effects include stereo audio, fog, glare, dynamic lighting and moving shadows

  • Easy
    • Adobe Atmosphere 3D player downloads and installs into Microsoft Internet Explorer automatically. No user installation is required.
    • Scenes can be set to update player automatically when a visitor has an older version.
    • Fully integrated into your web page, with runtime options, interface control and browser caching.

  • Fun!
    • Enjoy a new level of creative power
    • Create learning environments that are fun and compelling
    • Ad new excitement to illustrations and marketing material
    • Finally! Something that makes chat worthwhile. Hold meetings, make international friends, gain new customers, provide live sales, support or training - by sharing in a personal way, live, inworld, in 3D

  • Attention Artists
    • Because Adobe Atmosphere synergetically combines 2D images, 3D objects, animation, sound and other media, it is a unique and powerful platform for artistic expression.
    • And because it is an immersive environment where the artist can meet with others in real time - right inside their creative works, it supports online galleries or artist created and mediated online events of all kinds.

First you need an Adobe Atmosphere Player and a bit of advice

Interacting with Atmosphere 3D scenes over the web requires a "player". That is, a plug in module for Microsoft Internet Explorer (other browsers are not yet supported). You can learn all about that on my beginner's page, or visit Adobe.

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