Earth and Enviroment

Runaway Climate Change
The Catastrophic Scenario

Carbon Capture
The Critical Issue

Life After Peak Oil

Is Western Civilisation
Compatible with
Sustainable Development?

Free energy?
No Thanks!

To Fly or Drive?

The Global Brain
new edition

• Preface
• Forward
• Ch 8. Towards a
Global Brain


Watch Stream
(35 mins)      


Roots of the Crisis

The Zurich Forum

Individual Responsibility

Planet Dance
across the night sky

The Last Eclipse
of a millenium

The Earth at Night
From Waking up in Time
Malady - A Planetary Cancer | Self-Interest - Misdirected Needs
Materialism - An Addictive Meme | Freedom - Emancipation from Matter
The Roots of Atlantis
(the last time the ice caps melted)

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Date created: 03/07/07