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The €uro: Our Currency

Euro Logo

The euro symbol was designed by the Commission services. The final choice from among several proposed designs was made following a qualitative assessment by the general public conducted by a specialised organisation.

The € is inspired by the Greek epsilon pointing back to the cradle of European civilisation and the first letter of Europe, crossed by two parallel lines to indicate the stability of the euro.

The early definition of a distinctive symbol for the euro also reflects the vocation of the euro to become one of the world's major currencies.

Commission Communication on use of the euro symbol

If you want to download the euro logo you can click on it and copy it to your hard disc. The success of this operation will depend on which browser you have. If you need a more sophisticated version for graphics purposes, provided you have the right software, you can download any of the versions listed below.

The euro logo can be constructed using yellow on a clear background or yellow on a blue background.

Its four colour printing references are as follows:
Yellow = Yellow 100
Blue = Cyan 100 + Magenta 80

Alternatively, in Pantone Matching System (PMS) it is:
Yellow = PMS Yellow
Blue = PMS Reflex Blue

The four following configurations are possible:

Download of a vector image of the logo with constructions

Download of a vector image without constructions

Download of a bitmap image of the logo with constructions

Download of a bitmap image without constructions