CSTI - Board Of Directors

Dr. Anthony T. Jones - San Francisco, California

Dr. Anthony T. Jones trained as an oceanographer at the University of Hawaii. He has been involved in marine technology and marine science for over twenty years. Dr. Jones has extensive international experience in the fields of ocean mining, marine renewable energy technology development and desalination. Dr. Jones served as marine biologist for the International Seabed Authority, which administers seabed mineral resources outside national limits of two hundred nautical miles. In 1999, he established a consulting firm, oceanUS consulting, based in San Francisco, to provide applied oceanographic knowledge to industrial activities in the marine environment. His experience with research submersibles includes dives to 4,000 m in the Russian Mir sub as well as a dozen dives off Hawaii in the Pieces V as part of research investigations undertaken by the Hawaii Undersea Research Laboratory and dives in the US Navy DSV Sea Cliff off San Clemente Basin. Dr. Jones was certified as an instructor with the National Association of Underwater Instructors and has served on Diving Control Boards for the University of California and University of Hawaii. Dr. Jones is a member of the Marine Technology Society, International Marine Minerals Society, and American Geophysical Union. He is a past Director of the International Marine Minerals Society, and former member of the executive board of the Artificial Reef Society of British Columbia. He currently serves as Director of the Offshore Technology Conference, the premiere offshore oil and gas trade show, where he chairs the Spotlight on New Technologies Initiative. Dr. Jones is a Director of SeaVolt Technologies, a leading wave energy developer that designs products to power surface and subsurface systems using ocean waves as a power source. A holder of patents, Dr. Jones has a record of publications in the fields of marine geology, marine biology and oceanography.
Albert N. Stubblebine III (Maj. Gen., US Army, Ret) - Croton on Hudson NY

Albert N. Stubblebine III (Maj. Gen., US Army, Ret) was graduated from The United States Military Academy (West Point) and served with distinction in the US Army for 32 years. Starting his career as an Armor officer, he had the opportunity to command troops frequently at every echelon of command. He was tasked with re-evaluating the North Korean Order of Battle using top secret reconnaissance data. He was so intrigued with the new intelligence capabilities that he transferred branches to join the recently-formed Intelligence Branch of the US Army. He attended the National War College and commanded a series of highly specialized units within the Intelligence Branch. General Stubblebine taught Chemistry at West Point for four years and earned a Masters Degree in Industrial Chemistry from Columbia University, New York during that time. He was selected to serve as a member of the Requirements Committee which identified and created methods to implement the requirements for the US Army over the next 25 years leading to many of the innovations so successfully used in the first Gulf War. His commands as a General Officer included the US Army Intelligence Center and School, The Army's Electronic Research and Development Command (where he developed the now-familiar night-vision technology) and the US Army Intelligence and Security Command. While on active duty he redesigned the intelligence architecture of the United States Army (for which he was honored with induction into the Intelligence Hall of Fame) and also restructured the Army Intelligence training curriculum.Upon retirement, he served as the Vice President for Intelligence at BDM and ran his own consulting firm. With his wife, Rima E. Laibow, MD, General Stubblebine has been engaged in pioneering research on the use of frequency in medicine and national security and is one of the two designers of AEGIS, a major Homeland Security private initiative.

Rima E. Laibow, MD - Croton on Hudson NY

Rima E. Laibow, MD is a graduate of Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City. During her medical training she received a United States Public Health Service Fellowship in Neurology Research which she carried out while a full time medical student. Upon graduation from Einstein Medical College she completed her residency training in Adult Psychiatry and a Fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at St. Luke's Hospital Center of Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City. She has been practicing drug-free medicine as the Medical Director of her private practice for over 3 decades. Dr. Laibow routinely seeks better, less toxic and more effective ways to assist people in their healing processes by identifying and correcting the underlying cause of maladies, diseases and problems. This depth-seeking approach has led her into research and novel solutions to the problems which lead to illness in a variety of areas. She has either authored or funded significant research in several fields, founded scientific and educational organizations, organized international scientific congresses and participated in and helped to stimulate, pioneering work in several medical and non-medical fields. Dr. Laibow is recognized as a pioneer in Integrative Healthcare and is both a sought-after lecturer, media consultant and on-screen guest for radio and TV shows such as Oprah and NOVA. Dr. Laibow continues to forge new territory in the application of frequency science in the medical and security arenas. She is the founder and president of the Neurotherapy Certification Board and an editor of the Journal of Neurotherapy.She is also the architect, along with her husband, Major General Albert N. Stubblebine III, of AEGIS, a comprehensive Homeland Security private initiative which has the potential to increase security across the North American land mass while reducing government expenditures significantly.

Michael V. Stafford - Sacramento, California

Mr. Stafford currently serves as President and CEO of Sub Sea Systems Inc. Sub Sea Systems introduced submarines to the tourism market in the mid 1980's. Since that time Sub Sea Systems has lead the marine tourism industry with innovative products, including the Nautilus line of semi - submersible vessels, SeaTrek
TM, and SeeBell. In 1989 Mr. Stafford received a utility patent for the SNUBATM Dive System. Michael Stafford founded SNUBATM International and served as the President and CEO from 1986 through 1996. This product has been successfully marketed throughout the world and is a major tourist attraction at most marine vacation sites. SNUBA's licensing and operational programs are considered to be a standard in the marine industry. Mr. Stafford serves as Chairman of the Board for SNUBATM International.

Bert C. Roosen - Vancouver, British Columbia

Mr. Roosen began his very distinguished career at an early age in 1946 serving as an interpreter for the US Army on train A100 to then General Dwight D. Eisenhower. During this time Mr. Roosen met such notables as General George Patton and Albert Einstein. Mr. Roosen is a Night of Grace in the Sovereign Military Order of St. John of Jerusalem Nights of Malta. Mr. Roosen is past President of the Vancouver Kiwanis Club and past Chairman of the 111th Squadron, Canadian Air Cadets. Over Mr. Roosen’s business career he has held various upper management positions and has founded and co - founded several publicly traded companies. Mr. Roosen currently is co - founder and shareholder in Nanopierce Technologies Inc.

Capt. Pat Dayman - Vancouver, British Columbia

Capt. Dayman began training as a pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1963. He received his wings in July 1964 and was posted to 405 Maritime Patrol Squadron in Greenwood, Nova Scotia. He spent the next four and a half years there flying the Argus aircraft, a long - range low level anti - submarine patrol aircraft, patrolling the Atlantic from Iceland to Puerto Rico and from the East Coast of Canada to the British Isles, Spain and the Azores. During this time he also attended the NATO joint Anti - Submarine Warfare School in Londonderry, Ireland. In 1969 Mr. Dayman left the Air Force and became a civil aviation inspector for the Canadian Department of Transportation in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. In 1970 Mr. Dayman joined Air Canada as a pilot. During his thirty-three years with Air Canada, he has flown the DC-8, DC-9, B727, B747, and L1011 and most recently was one of the first Captains in North America to qualify to fly the Airbus A-340. He flew this aircraft for the last 8 years with Air Canada. During his career, Mr. Dayman was very active with the Canadian Airline Pilots Association acting as the Vancouver contract negotiator for two years. Mr. Dayman retired from Air Canada in October 2003.