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The VectorLinux team is proud to announce the availability of the Version 5.8 DELUXE SOHO edition 2 CD set. This two CD package features a custom KDE-3.5.6 DESKTOP with popular productivity applications like OPENOFFICE-2.2, XARA XTREME, and the GIMP. There is automatic SUPPORT for PRINTERS, SCANNERS, USB HARDWARE and CDRW / DVD DRIVES. There are several new MULTIMEDIA programs and libraries, the latest NETWORK applications and DEVELOPMENT programs along with their needed libraries. The second CDROM features Gnome 2.18 which includes the Evolution contact manager and email program and a wealth of other gnome applications (over 200 packages). For you bleeding edge types the Enlightenment 17 packages (with vector customizations and easy installer), the kernel sources and non-free applications like OPERA, ACROBAT READER, NVIDIA DRIVERS, ATI DRIVERS and REALPLAYER. We even have a major game "planet WOLFENSTEIN Enemy Territory". Bottom line, in the two CD set there are over 1000 megs of additional programs, window managers, games and libraries ready to install as you need them !!.

CD sales are the only form of revenue available to VectorLinux to help offset the costs of running this business. We have put a great deal of time, energy and love into the formulation of this product. Your generosity is sincerely appreciated. Purchasing a CD product lets us know that you care and want us to continue developing and producing a better Linux for you. BON APPETITE

Only $26.97usd including second CD with Gnome-2.18 + Enlightenment 17 + planet WOLFENSTEIN enemy territory! (plus shipping & handling)

retail box

There are three methods to order VectorLinux commercial CD products

Method #1

Fill out this order form, print it then send the order form along with a US check or money order to the address specified on the form. We will send the CD as soon as the check clears the bank.

Method #2

High speed direct download. If you enjoy a high speed internet connection, typically cable or adsl you can download any of our DELUXE versions directly to your machine. Once downloaded simply burn the images to good quality cd-r media and your done. Since this method does not require any shipping or packaging costs we have passed the savings on to you. Please click on the download now link below and you will be taken to our download site hosted by to begin the process.

Method #3

We have enlisted the services of PayPal to process credit card orders for the Vector Linux CD(s). This method is available for US and International customers a like. Please click on the paypal button below to order a CD product(s).

VECTORLINUX 5.8 SOHO DELUXE 2 CD EDITION.......$26.97usd (+s&h)
Features the KDE-3.5.6 desktop along with custom desktop alternatives. The best productivity open source software on the planet is here, including OpenOffice, scribus, the Gimp, Firefox, Cups printing services and a vast array of Multimedia and Internet applications. Looking for a system to make you productive in the least amount of time? SOHO edition was designed for just that ! This includes a complete user guide (in pdf or html format printable from the CD) and a second EXTRA's CDROM!! Minimum requirements 3.5 gigs of Hard drive space and a pentium 450 with 128 megs of ram.

VECTORLINUX 5.8 standard GOLD DELUXE 2 CD EDITION.......$26.97usd (+s&h)
Features the kernel in either ide, sata or scsi configurations. Full firewall and USB hotplugging. Unique desktop system only available with VectorLinux. Over 1000 megs of additional programs available in the CD packages directory and the second CD which includes gnome and E17. Great choice for that pentium 166 or above. 64 megs of ram minimum 128 megs suggested for optimum gui performance. Hard drive space required 1950 megs for minimum install.

VECTORLINUX 1.8 STANDARD EDITION.........$11.97usd (+s&h)
Released late 2000 Features the ultra stable 2.2.18 kernel This is an excellent choice for that dusty old 486 sitting in the closet. Has the XFree-3.3.6 gui and full development package. Recommend 16 megs of ram and 175 megs HD space for installation.

All commercial CD products come with sixty (60) days of free email support. Documentation is now included in html and pdf format directly from the CD. Any CD that is damaged during shipping will be replaced free of charge. Shipping and handling charges are extra unless otherwise specified. Orders are shipped within 72 hrs of receipt. Problems with your order email Darrell head of Customer service.

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