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Welcome to the World of the Love Bike
The Cycling Family's Dream Come True





The current model of the Love Bike shows the rear rider controlling the steering, shifting and brakes. The rider in the front has a smaller set of handlebars, which enable them to feel all the movement of the Love Bike. There is also an extra rear brake for safety.






Whether riding on level terrain or up hills, the Shimano 7 speed Nexus enclosed hub provides a comfortable range of pedaling action. Tetro Vee brakes on both the front and rear wheels assures safe stopping power.




The Future of Family Cycling can be described in two words, Love Bike. The Love Bike is a revolutionary new bicycle for two that steers from the rear. It is the only bicycle where a child can safely ride in front and not have to control the bike. - They aren't pulled unseen from behind!

It is the only tandem bike that invites the shorter of a couple to sit in front, allowing both riders to enjoy the view. It is a bike for two that is easy and fun to ride alone. It is the ultimate family bike, one that can be enjoyed by everyone from the four year old to the grandparents.

Wherever we go on this bike, children who see us, pull at their parents arms and point to us. It happens every time we ride it in public. The advantages are immediately obvious to the kids. They want to ride in front. On the Love Bike they not only ride in front, but do it with mom or dad's arms around them. Exercise and easy conversation with the kids are two of the many rewards of the Love Bike.

Come and see it and take a ride. Show the brochure to your customers and watch their response. You will begin to understand why we feel so confident about the sales potential of this unique invention.

The Love Bike is available in limited quantity. We offer a variety of dealer support in the form of direct mailings and local advertising. Ask us about it!

Sincerely, Robert Gardener, for all of us at the Love Bike.

Contact Information

For additional information relating to the Love Bike, direct sales, dealers, or for a Love Bike representative, contact:  Robert Gardner at (707) 456-0468 or (707) 459-1359.


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P.O. Box 1452, Willits, CA 95490
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