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Haruhi AX Concert Update PDF Print E-mail
Written by Tsuruya-san   
Friday, 08 June 2007
Our goods friends at Anime Expo ins California has asked me to explain some things about the concert that seems to be megas-confusing everyone, nyoro!

The concert itselfs will be free to all paids attendees, untils seating is full! The premiere tickets are only availables online to Pre-Registered attendees! You can'ts buy them at AX, they are for pre-reg people only! Sales will ends on June 15th, although if we sells outs before then... umm... sales will end megas-sooner nyoro! Ahahahaha!

Each badge holder (registration ID) is limited to SEVEN tickets! Please stop trying to buy in the blocks of several dozen, we's trying to get everyone in who really wants to! More informations about the premier tickets policy can be found at the AX homepages here

Ifs you already pre-registered for the AX and wants to get premiere tickets insteads of standing in line for the free ones, you go here to gets them if they're still availables. Theys are closing the premieres ticketing system at 11:59pm PDT on June 15, 2007, after which you stands in line and try to get in that way instead of having the guaranteed seats nyoro.

I hopes that clears things up! I promise the Americans will do their best to give you a good show! I wishes I can goes too, it sounds megas-cool!

Oh! No scalping! Haruhi would get megas-upset if you did that, and you don't want her to get upset! OK! Everyones haves fun at AX! Brings me back good omiyage ahahahahah.
Last Updated ( Friday, 08 June 2007 )
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