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The idea behind the Wikitainment Guides is creating a series of entertainment guides taking the pop culture articles, trivia and and non academic references out of Wikipedia and expand the information in an organized and encyclopedic way.

Wikitainment has 902 articles, but we encourage our visitors to increase the information content and create more articles about any missing pop culture item, concept or topic.

Things to do

  • Create articles about your favorite character, comic, show, band, actor, radio show, game, merchandise, etc. Remember, we follow similar style guidelines and policies to those of wikipedia.
  • /Things to do
  • Fix problems with parser sintaxes.
  • Unwikipedify articles with Wikipedia content.
Pick or create one of any topic you like, develop it making sure it is coherent and keeps the same format as the others, and as you show your skills and Etiquette, you could be promoted to page moderator. If you show the same skills in several articles you could be promoted to Wikitainment:Administrator.

You can become an administrator!

We need more editors and administrators. Here are the only two steps you need to do to become an adminstrator:

  1. Completing five articles with the reviews and approbation of The Architect
  2. Bringing 7 new editors over and helping them complete one article each by supervising them.


The following is a list of articles created as examples to start the site. Some of them need to be Unwikipedified and some need to be expanded with verifiable information and sources. This is an organized list of examples of articles of this site. The article number will increase as you and all our users create them.

Image Article Subarticle examples Some subsidiary articles
List of United States Sitcoms
Saturday Night Live List of SNL alumnis David Spade
Mike Myers
Dana Carvey
The Church Lady
Seinfeld Seinfeld/Episodes
Seinfeld/Real life
The Seinfeld Chronicles
Jason Alexander
Cosmo Kramer
Kenny Kramer
Friends Friends/Episodes
Rachel Green
Lisa Kudrow
List of movies List of Quentin Tarantino movies
List of Walt Disney movies
List of American actors List of the welthiest movie actors
Spider-man 3
X-men: The Last Stand X-men: The Last Stand/Cast
Transformers (film)
Batman: The Animated Series Batman: The Animated Series/Characters
Batman: The Animated Series/Villains
Batman: The Animated Series/Places and props
Batman: The Animated Series/Episodes
The Joker (DCAU)
The Penguin (DCAU)
Harley Quinn (DCAU)
The Clock King
Scarface (DCAU)
On Leather Wings
Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
Justice League Justice League (TV series)/Characters
Justice League (TV series)/Villains
Justice League (TV series)/Episodes
Justice League (TV series)/DVD realeses
Wonder Woman (DCAU)
Family Guy Family Guy/Episodes
South Park South Park/Episodes Eric Cartman
Matt Stone
DC Comics DC Comics/Characters by name Batman
Batman List of Batman artists The Killing Joke
The Penguin
Detective Comics
Matches Malone
Sin City Frank Miller
Toys and games
Kenner Kenner/Action Figures
Video Games
The Legend of Zelda Ganon
List of American bands List of Grunge bands
Black Sabbath Black Sabbath/Members
Artistic movements
List of American fiction writers
List of fiction set in New York City
Pop art Andy Warhol
Grant Wood Grant Wood/works American Gothic
Frank Lloyd Wright
Frank Gehry
The Bears Mike Ditka
The Yankees George Steinbrenner
List of electric product brands
Sony List of current Sony products

  • Create our policies and guidelines or discuss them in their talk pages. Again, we follow similar guidelines and policies to those of Wikipedia.
  1. Wikitainment:WikiGuide Video Games.
  2. Wikitainment:WikiGuide Television.
  3. Wikitainment:WikiGuide Films.
  4. Wikitainment:WikiGuide Comics.
  5. Wikitainment:WikiGuide Music.
  6. Wikitainment:WikiGuide Radio.
  7. Wikitainment:WikiGuide Toys.

Pick one or more, develop it making sure it is keeping the same format as the other and as you show your skills and Etiquette, you could be promoted to WikiProject Administrator.

Getting started

This site is just getting started. To help us, consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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