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Carl T. Pfeufer (1910-1980) began his fine art training in New York City where he attended a two-year vocational school for commercial art. That school helped prepare him for admission to Cooper Union at the age of 16 where he continued to study art. While he was there he won the Hors Concour award for his life drawings. Upon graduation from Cooper Union, he attended The National Academy of Design where he received the Prix-da-Roma, a scholarship he was forced to turn down due to family responsibilities. He continued studying at the Grand Central Art School and Art Student's League in New York City. Pfeufer also studied privately with William Starkweather, protege of Joaquin Sorolla, a Valencian painter.

Carl Pfeufer had a very creative career in freelance and commercial art that began with McFadden Publications, where he did magazine covers for Liberty Magazine during the 1930's. Later, he worked for Fawcett and Marvel Publications in New York.

Drawing the human figure was always Carl's forte. His classic style is reflected in the dynamic style demonstrated in his comic book work such as Tom Mix, Don Winslow, Tex Ritter, Gabby Hayes, Captain Marvel and Hopalong Cassidy. The so-called "comic connoisseurs" claim his work is still instructive today.

In his later years, Pfeufer combined both travel and painting, especially in the Mediterranean area.

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