Chevelle to play in Austin, remains unique despite criticism

By Robert Rich
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Chevelle has always been branded as a Tool rip-off. More than likely, the only reason this label has been given to the band is because vocalist Pete Loeffler sounds a tiny bit like Maynard James Keenan, and the group's music has a similar dark feel to it. But, the similarities end there. Where Tool have always embraced their experimental side and released scathing social commentaries and criticisms, Loeffler and company have been happy to write radio-friendly tunes with subtly deep meanings, but with overtones easily grasped by any listener.

Their ability to do this and still remain original is what truly makes the band unique. Yes, they have songs on the radio, but it's not the same awful crap you hear from other rock bands every five minutes. Contradiction or not, Chevelle's music is a kind of controlled chaos, a beautiful darkness, a gentle rampage of aural velocity.

The band's first release, Point #1, was good, but it was easy to tell you were listening to a new band, one that had yet to find its stroke. It didn't take long for that to happen, and the group's sophomore album, Wonder What's Next, was a brilliant mix that launched Chevelle to superstardom. Two albums later, they're still going strong and learning to further refine their sound so that the contrast between the band's light and heavy moments in their songs are emphasized even more.

Whether you've heard their singles ("The Red" and "Vitamin R"), or you're just a fan of good old hard rock, Chevelle isn't one to miss. And unlike at a Tool concert, you'll actually get to see the vocalist, because he won't be hiding behind a speaker.

Chevelle plays Stubb's May 13.
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posted 5/09/07 @ 10:53 AM EST

chevelle was cool, then they started dressing like a bunch of emo pussies and whining all the fuggin' time. GET OVER YRSELVES and get back to making awesome music please


posted 6/11/07 @ 6:32 PM EST

so they grew their hair out long, big deal! vena sera is argueably the best album they've done. they changed their sound a bit but not enough to scare away many fans. (Continued…)

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