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In a full page story, The New York Post today revealed the ending of this week's Marvel Civil War #2, that is, Spider-Man fully unmasking in front of a press conference. "My name is Peter Parker and I've been Spider-Man since I was 15 years old. Any questions?" Spider-Man says to the room full of flashing cameras.

The reveal had been rumored to be coming, and, as the Post points out, is the biggest change to Spider-Man as a character, since his 1987 marriage to Mary Jane Watson.

Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada calls the unmasking ""one of the biggest revelations in comic-book history…a comic-book taboo."

The revelation was also discussed on this morning's Howard Stern Show on Sirius Satellite radio.

The unmasking comes as Peter Parker signs on in support of the Super-Hero Registration Act, joining with Iron Man, Reed Richards, Henry Pym, She-Hulk, and other super heroes who have sided with the government.

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