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--Hard Hitting Miranda Grinds Down Green--
By Luis Escobar

(March 3, 2007) San Juan, Puerto Rico (Coliseo Roberto Clemente)—-

Powerfully built middleweight contender Edison "Pantera" Miranda was forced to climb off the deck and register two knockdowns of his own in the 10th, to score a commanding and convincing ten round unanimous decision over the previously undefeated Allan "Sweetness" Green.

Ripping right hands and brutal left hooks from the muscular Miranda were the keys to victory against Green, a talented boxer who dropped down from his normal super middleweight division to a catch weight of 162, only to find himself on the business end of far too many shots.

Judge Jose R. Torres had it 97-90, while both Samuel Conde and Carlos Colón tallied 96-91, all for the Colombian from mean streets of Buenaventura, who now calls, San Juan Puerto Rico home.

--Heavy Hands--

Miranda (28-1, 24 KO's) dominated the first seven rounds against the rangy quintessential boxer-puncher Green (23-1, 16 KO's), who displayed all the telltale signs of a boxer trying to make weight as he fatigued badly down the stretch.

Green (162) never seemed to have his natural rhythm in the early going and in the 3rd, with 37 seconds to go in the round, Miranda (162) ripped his opponent with a leaping overhand right to the face followed by left hand between the eyes that landed flush. The Puerto Rican boxing fans cheered the action and continued to voice their support of the island's newest talent.

Green, Tulsa, Oklahoma answered with a right hand under the heart but Miranda responded with three clubbing right hands to the face before muscling his opponent to the center of the ring. The second right cross to the chin in the volley shook the Oklahoman and for a split second his legs wobbled. Green, 27, was forced to retreat and he finished out the round with a small cut in the corner of his left eye.

Miranda, 26, continued to apply pressure while Green needed room to unload, however, the Oklahoman suddenly jolted the Colombian with a slashing left hook to the jaw at 2:31 of the 4th round. Miranda returned fire with a savage right cross and with the fans cheering both men traded leather but it was Green who backed away from combat.

Miranda, 6', simply was the stronger fighter in the middle rounds and Green lacked the power to back up his opponent, or cause much damage despite his well timed left jabs and accurate right hands. Miranda continued to get off first in the 6th and the 7th, while Green, 6'2", labored to pull the trigger when he had his target within his sights. Miranda relentlessly piled up points by being the far more aggressive fighter and landing leather. Green spent considerable time retreating; throwing only an occasional jab and then grabbing and holding on in close quarters.

--Gun Fight Showdown--

After wasting the first seven rounds, Green suddenly came to life in the 8th, and he finally began unloading with both hands. Green connected early in the round with two short chopping right hands to the face and it was Miranda, who elected to put it in reverse.

With 2:23 remaining in the 8th, Green connected with a whip-like right cross behind the left ear and as Miranda retreated in a straight line the taller fighter followed with a devastating left hook square on the chin. Miranda's left knee buckled and he collapsed straight back coming to rest against the ropes with a dazed expression on his face. Nevertheless, Miranda hoped back up at the count of two, blew his nose and then took the mandatory eight-count from referee Jose Rivera.

After giving away so many rounds earlier in the fight Green managed to score with a sharp right hand to the head with 1:28 to go in the round but he effectively let Miranda off the hook and would eventually pay a steep price for his conservative strategy.

It was business as usual in the 9th, and Green was still reticent to unload with either hand and regain the momentum that he held briefly in the previous round.

It was a different story in the 10th, and Miranda was back on target with a vengeance. With 2:38 to go in the fight, Miranda caught Green in the corner and unloaded a whistling volley of shots that pinned the taller man against the ropes and allowed the Colombian to connect with hammering headshots.

Miranda was also showing the signs of battle and he emerged from the exchange with a large knot under his right eye. Either because he was fatigued or misguided, Green continued to glance down at the canvas and appeared to be looking at his own feet. With 1:44 remaining in the bout, Miranda clocked the Oklahoman with a savage straight right cross to the chin followed by another clubbing right to the face driving Green into the ropes. Green attempted to grab Miranda around the shoulders and hang on but the Colombia would not be denied and he continued to fire wild hammering shots upstairs.

With 39-seconds to go in the fight and Green legs looking shakier than a loaded JetBlue stock portfolio, Miranda clocked him again with another riveting right cross to the jaw. Three more brutal right hands landed and Green squared up with his back pinned on the ropes, while Miranda connected with two more devastating left hooks and another wild roundhouse right to the face. Green's legs buckled under the assault and he crashed face first toward the floor ending up on his hands and knees with Miranda poised above him.

With the fight fans standing and cheering, the Oklahoman was still shaken as he continued to kneel only to slowly rise and then stagger to his left before beating the count at nine. Green's legs were gone when the action resumed and Miranda unloaded another wild salvo of punches, however, a long straight right hand was on the mark and it dropped the taller fighter back down to his hands and knees. As Green was headed to the deck, he grabbed Miranda around the waist and pulled down the Colombia's trunks to the middle of his thighs.

Parading back to the neutral corner in his underwear and his protective cup. Miranda turned and attempted to pull up his trunks, while Rivera began hollering out the mandatory eight-count, as he tried to be heard over the cheering Puerto Rican fight fans. At the count of nine, Green once again stumbled to an upright position but he looked almost out on his feet. The bell sounded as Miranda sprinted back across the ring and landed one final brutal right cross to the head.

The referee pulled Miranda away and left little doubt who would have his arm raised and claim victory and who was returning to Oklahoma shrouded in silence.

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