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Last update - 11:43 12/09/2007
Jewish Agency: 13.2 million Jews worldwide on eve of Rosh Hashanah, 5768
By Anshel Pfeffer, Haaretz Jewish World Correspondent

On the eve of 5768 there were 13.2 Jews around the world, according to the Jewish Agency (Based on information collated by the Professor Sergio Dellapergola of the Hebrew University and the Jewish People Policy Planning Institute). This figure is estimated to include all those who consider themselves as Jews whether or not they are affiliated with a Jewish organization.

The largest Jewish community in the world now is Israel, with 5.4 million Jews, over 40 percent of the Jewish people, followed closely by the United States with 5.3 million.

In Israel, there was a growth in the Jewish community of more than 70 thousand Jews, thanks mainly to natural growth and partly to Aliya. In most communities around the world, numbers went down this year.

The largest communities after Israel and the US are France (490,000), Canada (374,000), Britain (295,000), Russia (221,000), Argentina (184,000), Germany (120,000) and Australia (104,000). The smallest community is Afghanistan with only one Jew.

These numbers do not include all those who are eligible for Israeli citizenship according to the Law of Return, many of whom who are not Jewish by Rabbinical law or don't consider themselves Jews. The Jewish Agency estimates that in some countries, there are three times as many potential Israeli citizens than there are actual Jews.
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