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 12:00 AM, 28-JULY-07
Kelly Talks Southland Changes

Richard Kelly, director of the upcoming SF epic movie Southland Tales, told SCI FI Wire that he has considerably altered the film from an early cut screened, to disastrous critical reception, at the Cannes Film Festival last year and confirmed that the movie now has a Nov. 9 release date. The movie wrapped production nearly two years ago.

"[We made] a lot of editorial changes in terms of restructuring the order of scenes," Kelly said in an interview at Comic-Con International in San Diego on July 27. "We re-recorded all of Justin Timberlake's voice-over, and we added, like, 90 new visual-effects shots. It was truly like a work of progress." Kelly added that the movie has been cut by 20-25 minutes from its initial cut, which was nearly three hours long.

Kelly (Donnie Darko) likened the early Cannes screening to the worst possible test screening. "Usually when you have a movie, at that point you take it to Sherman Oaks and show it to a bunch of teenagers at [a test] screening. We took it to the Cannes Film Festival and showed it to the toughest audience in the world. Was that a good idea? I don't know. But it happened, and you just sort of take the best from it."

The movie was nominated for the prestigious Palme d'Or at Cannes. "At the time, I was 31 years old, on my second film," he said. "It was like, that's a life-changing thing. And I'll never forget that. And I hope to go back to the festival with another film later in my career, but we won't take this to another film festival."

Southland Tales stars Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Seann William Scott and Sarah Michelle Gellar in a multilayered story on the eve of an indeterminate apocalypse in a near-future Los Angeles.

As the film's release date nears, Kelly said, "I used the metaphor before that making this film has been like landing a jet during, like, a tornado. But at the end of the day, if I'm the pilot, I've got to make that smooth landing. And I feel like I'm just approaching the runway, and the weather's clear. They printed that [release date] on the poster, and that makes me very happy." —Patrick Lee, News Editor, and Cindy White


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