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 12:00 AM, 03-OCTOBER-07
Dark Is Now Seeker

First it was The Dark Is Rising. Then The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising. Now it's simply The Seeker. And that's not the only change in the upcoming fantasy film that is loosely based on The Dark Is Rising, the second and best-known in a series of five fantasy books by Susan Cooper.

As adapted by writer John Hodge (Trainspotting) and director David L. Cunningham (The Path to 9/11), the movie alters many things about Cooper's books, which were written in the 1970s.

Among the changes: Will Stanton (played by Canadian newcomer Alexander Ludwig) is now 13, not 11, and he is an American living in a small Northern English village, instead of a native-born Brit. "It adds a whole other layer, the whole concept of culture clash," Cunningham, an American, said during a break in filming in Romania last May. "Even though England and Americans are cousins, they're still a different culture."

Other big changes: The character of the Walker, who was a tortured old derelict in the book, is now played by the handsome 25-year-old American actor Jonathan Jackson (Tuck Everlasting) and has also been given a new story arc involving tragic romance and the loss of his soul.

"In the book he's old, and in the movie ... he becomes, I guess, timeless but not aging," Jackson said in a separate interview. "The Walker basically loses his soul through his relationship with Maggie [Aeon Flux co-star Amelia Warner]."

The movie also beefs up the action by adding new special-effects-enhanced sequences, including one in an ancient Viking village, a chase in a modern mall and a fight among snakes in a medieval church, leading to the discovery of a secret crypt, a la Indiana Jones.

But the movie keeps the book's signature harbingers of the Dark: the rooks, large black birds that resemble crows, which are also the familiars of the Black Rider, the villain, played by Doctor Who's Christopher Eccleston.

"Instead of heavy CGI, computer-generated imagery, we're doing a lot of it for real," Cunningham said. "I brought in a thousand snakes from the Czech Republic and dumped them all over our actors. I used real water to wipe out the mansion. We used real rooks, trained rooks, to fly at these kids." The Seeker opens Oct. 5. —Patrick Lee, News Editor


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