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Continued attacks on mosques and Muslim-owned businesses alarm Muslim Americans

Weekly Thikana, 26 January 2007. Translated from Bangla by Moinuddin Naser .

The reports of attacks on an Islamic Center mosque and six Muslim-owned establishments in several states have many Muslim Americans concerned that such incidents may happen again.

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) urged the authorities to arrest those responsible for the attacks as well as to strengthen the security and safety of the Muslim community.

On January 20, unidentified individuals set fire to the mosque at the National Islamic Association in Newark, New Jersey. Fortunately, the Muslim devotees who were coming to the mosque to offer their morning Fazr prayers were able to put out the fire.

In a separate incident, an old mosque in Detroit, Michigan was also vandalized by unknown individuals who wrote anti-Muslim remarks on the wall of the mosque: “Killers of 9/11, go back to your country.”

In an effort to solve the case, the Council on American Islamic Relations demanded that the FBI continue its investigation. The police also promised to find the assailants, but as of January 23, no one had been arrested.

Dawud Walid, executive director of CAIR-Michigan Chapter, said that any person who is found guilty of a hate crime should be given harsh punishment. His statement came after a Michigan court sentenced a man who severely beat an imam to serve only 21 days in prison.

The Council on American Islamic Relations urged lawmakers to adopt special measures to protect all mosques and Muslims in the United States.

This article appeared in Edition 255 of Voices That Must Be Heard.

Translation © 2007, IPA, all rights reserved. Included by permisson of Weekly Thikana.

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