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With its stated mission of helping "to make the legal system work for everyone--not just lawyers," publisher Nolo's information-intensive Web site offers more than 300 books, software and e-products. Its estate planning section is among the best out there: detailed, informative, easily organized and easy to read. Nolo will give you a lot of good, detailed information such as why you may not need a living will, FAQs for executors; and even how to know whether you need a lawyer or not (Nolo candidly advises that most people don't need one to write a will--and tells you how to do it yourself). Links to Nolo's legal dictionary help translate terms; outside of the Law Center.

BEST: Podcasts are now available on topics ranging from living trusts and estate planning basics to who's afraid of contracts.

WORST: Nolo's lawyer directory only has links for San Francisco and Alameda counties.

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