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Leave Britney Alone, Chris Crocker Cries!

Jill Weinberger
Posted September 12, 2007

Britney Spears has gotta be like catnip to vlogger Chris Crocker.  But face it, Crocker himself has achieved internet fame via a mystifying, train wreck sort of appeal.  Is he real?  Is he a performance artist?  Is he Project Runway's Austin Scarlett after a two-month bender on a sanity-destabilizing cocktail of crystal meth, Maybelline Great Lash, and Coco Puffs?

Well, whatever else he is, he's Britney Spears' new knight in shining armor.  In this video, a weeping Crocker rants, raves, and screams as he pleads with us all to leave Brit-Brit in peace.  She lost her aunt!  She went through a divorce!  She had two babies!  Oh, the HUMANITY!

Now, whether Britney wants a hysterical sexually ambiguous internet phenom as her champion is a matter for her and her legal team to decide. (Going by an earlier display of support, my advice would be, "Run, Britney, run!")  And one really does have to wonder why such a giant fan of Britney's would do this to her song.

But the question remains -- is Chris Crocker for real?  I gotta tell ya, I just don't know.  His videos range from the out there to the simply insipid.  If he's the real deal, he is terrifyingly strange and stupid.  If he's an insidious satiric mastermind, well, a lot of his material needs work.  Tell you what: I will leave you with one final video, The Secret, and let you decide for yourself. 'Cause damn.  That shit ain't right.

Posted by chuck on September 14. 2007 No user image
When I see a lady performing in public, as scantily-dressed as Britney was, I believe she is dressed that way to get noticed. Nobody forced her to have the vocation of rock star. Nobody forced her to sing for a living. She could sing in a parka, but chose to perform in her undies. Any scrutiny of her belly, lack of energy in her performance, etc. are her fault. If you don't want bad press, stay out of the public eye, and don't make a spectacle of shaving your hair off, and driving with an unrestrained infant. With celebrity comes the vast reduction in privacy. If I dance/sing dressed in a bikini, I am sure I would get some off-the-wall comments too!!
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