A Prospectus and an Application for Admission Form are available from:

       Manager - Enrolments:
       Telephone  +61 7 3862 0762.  Email: enrolments@stmarg.qld.edu.au

To apply for enrolment, an Application Form is completed and returned to the School together with a non-refundable application handling fee of $220.00 (GST inclusive) for each application.

Upon receipt of application, all names are placed on a register for the relevant year. The application does not constitute an enrolment at this time. As part of our enrolment procedure, the school will hold an interview with your daughter and your family prior to final enrolment. Enrolment is not complete until an offer is made.

Approximately 18 months prior to the nominated year of entry, the School will contact you to set up an interview, following which an offer of enrolment will be made. Should you wish to proceed with the enrolment the school will request a written confirmation from you and the payment of a non-refundable confirmation fee to secure the confirmed place.

St Margaret's Anglican Girls School's unique Prep to Year 12 Curriculum builds on the individual attributes of each student to ensure their continued academic and emotional development through every stage of their education. This unique academic program results in strong retention rates throughout the Primary and Secondary Schools.


                         Apparent Retention Rate


Enrolment entry levels are in Prep, Year 5, Year 7, Year 8 and Year 11. Enrolments at other levels are limited and dependent on casual vacancies.

Once you have enrolled your daughter at St Margaret's, you will be kept informed of developments at the School via our Newsletters.

A school with 900 students, St Margaret's caters for boys and girls in the Preparatory Year, and girls from Years 1 to 12. Approximately 185 boarders, in Years 8 to 12, make St Margaret's their home each year. 

Thank you for your interest in St Margaret's School.
We look forward to hearing from you in respect of your daughter's enrolment with us.

Scholarship Opportunities

St Margaret’s offers two types of scholarship:
* Academic
* Performance

Academic Scholarships

Eligibility to apply for an academic scholarship requires the applicant to sit for the ACER (Australian Council for Education Research) exam.

The scholarship covers secondary school education and students wishing to apply for scholarship for Years 8, 9 and 10 must sit the exam in Year 7. Similarly students wishing to apply for a scholarship for Years 11 and 12 must sit the exam in Year 10.  Students already on academic scholarship for Years 8, 9 and 10 must re-apply for an academic scholarship for Years 11 and 12 and thus must re-sit the exam in Year 10.

The applicant is selected according to her academic performance in this national exam.  She and her parents are also required to attend an interview with the Principal or Deputy Principal.

The ACER exam is conducted in May each year and attracts a fee paid to the Australian Council of Educational Research.

Performance Scholarships

These scholarships are offered to girls who demonstrate a broad based performance across a range of activities with a minimum of one speciality area.  The applicant needs to meet the criteria in 2 or 3 areas across academic, sport or music disciplines.

The criteria are as follows:
* The student has competed at State or National level in one sport. 
* A minimum of ‘C’ grade academically.
* The student has a minimum grade in either Trinity or AMEB Program of Level 5.
* A minimum of ‘C’ grade academically.
* Students need to be achieving at a minimum of a ‘B’ grade if academics is one of the two areas of performance.  The student is also required to sit the ACER exam for Year 7 into 8 and Year 10 into 11.

* State swimming/Level 5 flute and minimum of ‘C’ grade for academics (sports/music).
* Level 6 clarinet/ ‘B’ grade average academics (academic/music).


There are some mutual expectations that exist between families of scholarship holders and the school.  This ensures that the program is conducted with dignity and respect.  These expectations include:
* Confidentiality;
* Priority support for school competition and activities;
* Participation in the life of the School;
* Formal review annually with parents in attendance; and
* Parents to demonstrate support for the values of the School.


* The ACER exam is conducted in May each year.
* St Margaret’s advertises the scholarship offers in Term 1 of each year with the view to applications closing at the end of that term.
* Successful applicants are notified at the commencement of Term 3.

General Information

* There is a limit set to ensure that only 10% of students in any Year Level group are on scholarship.
* The number of scholarships offered will depend on the number being carried over by existing scholarship holders.
* Most scholarship offers are based on ¼, ½, and ¾ support of tuition fees.  Very few are full tuition fee scholarships.
* St Margaret’s reserves the right to offer scholarships to students at its own discretion.

Scholarship Applications for entry in 2008 have now closed.

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