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The Native Fish Conservancy
Preserving Our Aquatic Heritage

The Native Fish Conservancy is a group of like minded conservationist .orangespot Sunfish We produce an email list, this website and a place for folks to meet and get together in the cyber conservation world.

NFC members (it's only a buck) get access to the member only sections of the site including the e newsletters and trading post. If you care about conservation please join us, the member dues pay for the website and the running of things. The NFC is run by an advisory board and is not a non profit orginization. We honestly take in so little money it is not worth the effort to become a non profit organization. We tried it and we did not like it.

Inspite of all this, we do plug along as advocates for our native fishes. We have one of the best photo gallerys of native fishes on the web and our article section has been the research epicenter of many papers. We have a history of grant giving that we are very proud of but at the current time can not afford. Anyway we welcome serious and casual conservationist to get involved. We need to work together to make difference.

If the NFC is not the place for you we reccomend , the North American Native Fish Association at and the nature conservancy at

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