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Of course, we all know a Zelda game would not be as fun as it is without the abundance of enemies lurking in each corner of the game. The Minish Cap is no exception - here is a list of each and every enemy in the game, big and small, weak and strong.


These enemies will only appear in dungeons where Link is Minish size. They are hardly any threat at all, but will occasionally annoy you by dropping down from above. Watch out when you see a shadow!

Scissors Beetle
These enemies put up quite a fight. They will fling their sharp mandibles at you, which act as their own personal boomerang. The only way to take them out is to get past the mandibles when they toss it at you, or strike them from the back.


These worm-like enemies are most common in dirt paths, and are only fightable as a Minish. They will pop out of the ground and squirm about. The only way to defeat it is to hit its head.

Spiked Beetle
First encountered in the second dungeon, these are turtle like creatures which, in order for you to slash at them, you need to flip them over. Their hard shell is impenetrable, but if you make them flip over with your Shield, they just might become vulnerable...

Eyegore Statue
These living statues will awaken once you shoot their closed eye with an arrow. From then on, they will begin to move towards you - shoot their eye with three more arrows to make them explode.

Business Scrub
Not much of an enemy. They will usually sell things to you (hence the name, "Business"), and all it takes to defeat them is a little defection from your shield of the rocks they spit at you. This is a practice learned at the beginning of the game.

Armos robots designed to hunt Link! If their eye is white, then they are active and turned on. If the eye is not white, you might want to turn it on. Become a Minish and creep up their shield and into the eye to turn these robots on.

Appears in various areas, such as caves. They are little to no threat, if just a minor annoyance. Slash them with your sword and watch them explode.

These foxes like to charge at you and knock rupees out of you. What thieves! They are easily defeated by slashing your sword.

First making their appearance in the Royal Valley, these ghosts will grab you and literally suck (Well, lick.) the life out of you. Press the buttons to relieve yourself of their clutches!

These mummies will chase and grab you whenever they have the opportunity, and if you are caught they do a fine amount of damage. They also take a nice amount of hits as well. If you like a challenge, you may wish to fight them as they are. However, if you want an easy way out, try burning them with your Flame Lantern for surprising results.

Their hard shell protects them from any sword attacks, but a hit from Link will make then roll up into a ball. The balls can be easily placed into nearby empty holes.

Appears only in dungeons, these electrical enemies are... well, electrical! Don't touch them, unless you want link to get a few volts. By hitting them with your boomerang, however, they will turn into a fairy!

Dark Nut
Knight in shining armor they may not be, but they sure pack a punch. Their only weak spot is the cape on their back. If you can get around to his backside, you can take a swing at him. Let it swing its sword, and it will stay stunned for a moment allowing you to sneak to its backside.

Red Dark Nut
More powerful and faster then the original Dark Nut, this will require a bit more strategy. On top of the normal Dark Nut attacks, this Red Dark Nut also has a powerful thrust attack, which you will want to avoid. A common strategy to kill this enemy is to use bombs to stun it, and then slash it its back.

These are similar to Traps in what they do. If you are in their territory, they will begin to spin and chase at you with increasing speed as they go further. Best to hide is safe pockets to let them pass you rather then attempt to outrun them.

Rock Chuchu
These Chuchus have a rocky skeleton surrounding them. Break the rocky defense with your sword, and then proceed to kill the normal Chuchu inside.

The movements of these worms are completely random, and upon hitting them you will bounce back a bit. Many times these types of enemies are contained, but it might be hard to get through certain dungeons without having to fight one or two of them.

Door Mimic
You thought they were doors, didn't you? They are far from doors, and are actually booby trapped. If Link stands near them, the door will fall upon him and do a bit of damage.

Plant like enemies that fly around using leaves as propellers. The only way to kill them is by chopping off their propellers with your boomerang, or by using you gust jar to suck the life out of them. Beware though, because some of these Peahats may be carrying bombs.


Their faces are protected with an iron mask, so unless you remove it they are impossible to hit from the front. If you are too lazy to remove the mask on their face with the Gust Jar, or if you want an extra challenge, then are completely vulnerable on their backside.

Wall Master

Giant hands have come for Link! This red and black hand will plummet from the sky with a mighty fist to try and hurt you. If you see a shadow coming from the ceiling, you might want to get out of the way.

Floor Masters
Like Wall Masters, they are also giant hands. These are blue, and will not drop from the ceiling. Instead, they prefer to stay out in the open and chase Link until they can grab him and return him to the beginning of the dungeon. They can be killed simply by swinging your sword.


First encountered at Lon-Lon Ranch, they will pop out of the ground in packs and stack on top of one another. If you have the chance, kill the Acro-Bandit before they pop out of the ground. Once out of the ground, slash the stack of them to knock them down, then kill off each one individually.

These explosive creatures love to run around when activated, and then explode when the time comes. However, if you don't wish to be hurt by them, hit them a second time to make them become dormant.

Appears in dungeons, and will explode when touched. Avoid at all costs, basically.

Like Like
Like Likes are a classic enemy of the Zelda series, which will chase and trap Link inside its tubular structure. It will, on top of that, steal your shield. Destroy the Like Like to get your shield back.

Rupee Like
A cousin of the Like Like, which do not steal shields, but steal rupees. They are always disguised as a single rupee, ranging from green to red. Upon touching the rupee, which is usually singled out from other rupees, they will spear and grab Link. The color of the rupee dangling from their antenna tells you how many rupees they will take from you at a time.

Annoying snakes that charge at you on site. Slash with your sword to defeat them.

It may not be alive, but getting hit on the head with one of these sure hurts! Found on Crenel Wall, it is in your best interest to avoid these randomly falling rocks.

Ball & Chain Soldier
First introduced in the Palace of Winds, the soldier has obviously enough a ball on a chain. Use your shield to prevent the ball from hurting you, and when it throws the ball at you run at the soldier and slash at it all you can.

Spiny Beetle
A cousin of the Spiked Beetle. They will hide under rocks and bushes in various areas, and unless you uncover them before hand, they will run at you. Remove their camouflage material, and after that it shouldn't be too hard to figure out.

Spear Moblin
The first type of Moblin you will face is a Spear Moblin. These Moblins carry long spears which they will charge at you with. The front area of their bodies is completely protected by these spears, so try hitting them from the back.

Bow Moblin
Spear Moblins with a bow. Unlike the Spear Moblin, they have no frontal protection, and are a bit easier to kill then a Spear Moblin.

Cloud Piranha
Found only in the Cloud Tops. They swim throughout the clouds and will stack Link on site. Hit them when they jump out of the water... erm, clouds.

They come in both red and green varieties. The red ones have a tendency to charge directly at you, which the blue ones will spin about madly in circles. They give you a bit of a push back when you hit them, but overall are not hard to kill. Only appear when Minish.

Bug that only appear while in Minish form. Similar to the Peahat, in that they will fly around and chase you, but different in the fact that there is nothing needed to cut off from them. All it takes is a simple slash. However, like the Peahats, there are varieties that carry bombs.

Found in Deepwood Shrine, these annoying enemies have the power to create patches of sand. Use your Gust Jar to suck the life out of them, and then hit them with your sword. If there is a nearby pot, you can also throw a pot at them to destroy them.

Wizards that will fire blasts of energy at you. They can also teleport around the room, so be careful to hit them quickly before they teleport away to another area in the room.

Fire Wizzrobe
Similar to Wizzrobes, but they have power over fire. The same principals apply as with Wizzrobes, but watch out for the fiery attacks that come from them, which will cause Link to run around very fast, unable to stop and out of control.

Ice Wizzrobe
Similar to Wizzrobes, but they have power over ice. The same principals apply as with Wizzrobes, but watch out for the icy attacks that come from them, which will cause Link to freeze on the spot. Press the buttons to shake yourself out of the ice.

These guys can't hurt you. If you touch them, your ability to use your sword will be disabled for a bit. They can be disposed of just like a Spark - with your boomerang. Unfortunately, these do not turn into fairies when killed.

Another classic enemy that has appeared in basically every Zelda game to date. They will spit rocks at you, which you can deflect with your shield. They are probably the most basic of enemies besides the Sluggula, and take only one hit from your sword to kill them. They come in red and blue.

Golden Octorok
Only available through Kinstone Fusion, this special version of the Octorok is stronger and has much greater life then the original Octoroks. Continue firing weapons, slashing at it, whatever means you choose until it dies. Who knows? You might get a reward at the end.

Golden Tektite
Just like the Golden Octorok, it is available to you for fighting only through Kinstone Fusion. It is stronger, faster, jumps higher, and has greater life then the normal Tektites.

Golden Rope
The same as the other two Golden enemies. This one will charge at you immediately (and that is meant to be taken literally) on site, and take a large amount of hits as well. Defeat like the other Golden enemies.

Crow and Takkuri
The black one is the Crow, the red the Takkuri. They make their home in trees, and will fly at you when Link is nearby. Takkuris are special, though - if it touches you, it will knock rupees off of Link!

Appears in the Cloud Tops. You might know these from Mario games, but the ones in The Minish Cap have a slightly different attack. No longer do they toss spiked balls, but now electricity balls. You can steal their cloud away by sucking it up with the Gust Jar.

Comes in two colors - red and blue. The blue ones merely jump away from you, but the red ones will both jump and throw bones at Link. They are not particularly strong, but you might get annoyed by their constant jumping away from your sword slashes.

They can be found just about everywhere, and are only here to slow Link down. When on is attached, Link can no longer swing his sword, and he will also move slower then average. Press B repeatedly to shove them off of Link's body, then kill them with your sword.

Some may recognize these jellied enemies from Ocarina of Time and The Wind Waker. Unfortunately, no surprise lurks within the bodies of these gooey opponents. The red and green ones are not threats, but the blue one can be dangerous. Blue Chuchus can generate their own electricity, which can only be stopped by using your boomerang to stun it so you can slash it.

Found on Mount Crenel, these spiders will jump around long distances. The pattern they jump in is unpredictable. Hit them while they are still.

Sharp blades aren't fun to play around with! These sharp Traps come in two varieties: Blue and green. The green Traps have a set movement, programmed into them, and will not stop for anything besides a wall or stone. Blue Traps, however, are another attack-on-site enemy. When Link crosses their path, prepare for a blade to come rushing at him.

These guys like to dig underground and pop up when Link least expects it. Be prepared for when they spring out of the ground!

First introduced in Deepwood Shrine, where the Gust Jar is your prize for defeating it. Slash at its nose to stun it, then run for the tail. Slash at the tail as much as you can until the Madderpillar wakes up again, and turns red. When red, it will move faster then normal, so stay away from it until it turns blue again. Repeat the process to kill it.

Spiny Chuchu
Noticeable by their black color, and also because when you attack them, they turn to spikes! This can get frustrating when you are trying to kill a group of them, because when they have projected their spikes outward they cannot be hurt. Slash at it when it retreats the spikes.
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