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Big Fish Ink needs around 200 Palauans for film production

By Nazario Rodriguez Jr.
Horizon news staff

Big Fish Ink, a film production company, is currently recruiting around 200 Palauans as part of its crew for a four-month filming here.
Location Manager Blake Archer said the company will bring in some 250 international crew to complete the film.
The locals who will be recruited will help with the show such as guides, build sets, help drive boats, cook food, carry stuff and drivers for transportation purposes.
Archer said they have started arriving in Palau in mid-August.
Big Fish Ink is the same company that conducted similar filming activities here in 2004.
Archer said that the company was then called Clear Water Ink, which spent around $3.5 million on that film, which became a big hit in the US.
"On top of that, we also spent around $1 million for our personal needs alike eating to the restaurants, buying from the stores and others," said Archer, who was the Transportation Manager.