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- Bitterness
- Storage Stability
- Improved Beer Quality

Hopsteiner ISO-Extract is an aqueous solution of iso-alpha-acids. Hopsteiner ISO-Extract provides bitterness, preserves the brewing potential of hops and improves beer quality. Hopsteiner ISO-Extract is produced entirely from CO2 hop extract.

Hopsteiner ISO-Extract is added after fermentation and is either used as a partial hop replacement (up to 70% of the bitterness) or as a final adjustment to bitterness.

Hopsteiner ISO-Extract provides the same form of iso-alpha-acid bitterness that is acquired from traditional hopping. Hopsteiner ISO-Extract allows the brewer to make fine adjustments of desired bitterness in his beer. Essentially all the hop oils and beta acids have been removed from this highly purified hop extract.

Hopsteiner ISO-Extract is an extremely stable form of hop extract. Stored in sealed containers at room temperature, Hopsteiner lso-Extract will remain stable for years. Recommended storage temperatures are 351F(21C) minimum, 90F(300C) maximum. The reduced size and ambient storability lowers costs associated with handling, storage, and shipping as compared to baled hops. Exposure to direct sunlight should be avoided.

Hopsteiner ISO-Extract improves beer quality by reducing the levels of tannins and polyphenols in the beer. These improvements are evident even when only a proportion of traditional hops are replaced by Hopsteiner IsoExtract. Use of Hopsteiner ISO-Extract often leads to noticeable improvement in physical aspects of beer quality such as haze stability and beer foam retention.



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