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  Machine Dance as Fitness and Sport  

Obesity and inactivity among youth is a growing problem in Europe. We aim to stimulate and activate the youth through our positive gaming concepts where fun becomes exercise and exercise becomes fun. This, we believe, is the future for both gaming and fitness/sports.

We are part of an exciting new fitness project where we are using our multiplayer dancing (DDR) game innovation in cooperation with Body and Mind and the Institute of Amsterdam to see the effects DDR has on obese kids, as well as checking the fitness market’s interest for such a configuration.

Because DDR is such a positive game and obviously includes serious physical exercise, we have taken the initiative to have it registered as a sport in Norway under the name “machine dancing”. We were the key force behind getting DDR officially registered as a sport in Norway through starting a DDR club under the Norwegian Dancing Association in Oslo 9th of December 2003. That gave a computer game the status of an official sport for the first time anywhere in the world that we are aware of.

As of June 2005 machine dance was given a trial status as a dance and sport under the IDO (International Dance Organization - which has over 75 member countries). We have an extensive and fruitful cooperation with the IDO sport officials as well as youth departments in communes and schools on machine dance-related projects.

It is our aim to have machine dancing registered as a sport in many more countries, and can assist in such a process through our own experiences as well as our contacts.

For more information contact Thomas Bang Torgersen at Positive Gaming AS.

  Machine Dance Tournaments  

DDR European tournaments

We arrange annual European tournaments in DDR in Hamar, Norway, at The Gathering (the world’s biggest annual computer-party). In 2004 there were participants from 10 countries, in 2005 there were participants from 13 countries. Our European tournaments are the biggest annual DDR events in the world.

DDR Machine tournaments

We have developed a tournament set up especially meant for national and international DDR tournaments on DDR machines. This set up enables countries to arrange tournaments on DDR machines at multiple locations simultaneously. It is our goal to have this as the main standardized set up for DDR tournaments on machines in Europe, and certain rules can vary from country to country to satisfy the players and different nations.

DDR Multiplayer tournaments

We have recently developed a tournament set up for our own innovation, the DDR multi player game. This tournament set up will enable up to 20 players to play against each other at the same time, something which brings a new level of fun to the game both for players, spectators and media.

DDR Online tournaments

We are presently developing our own DDR Online tournament set-up, which soon will enable players world wide to compete against each other on their individually chosen dance pads from their own home.

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