Meet the Staff

07 Feb 2007 / Dave / ethos

Meet the full-time, part-time, and volunteer staff whose job it is to enable the rest of [nlcf] to do its thing. Staff members who do this for a living are responsible for building a team of financial supporters. Interested in joining the staff? Let us know!

Jim Pace facebook me!

pastor, teacher
jim.nlcf at / 540.998.6523

Matt Rogers facebook me!

pastor, spiritual formation team
matt at / 540.449.3258

Chris Backert facebook me!

pastor, teacher
chrisb at / 540.818.3945

Mike Swann facebook me!

community gatherings team
mswann at / 540.449.7741

Sarah Swann facebook me!

sswann at / 540.998.7741

Jeanette Staats facebook me!

admin, community life, kids
staats.jeanette at / 540.998.8472

Aaron Pierce facebook me!

vital structures team
aaronrpierce at / 540.379.3080

Chris Dorsey facebook me!

fund development, downtown congregation
dorsey at / 540.998.1901

Laurie Dorsey

downtown congregation
laurie at / 540.998.1902

Wendy Chinn facebook me!

women’s ministry, teaching
wechinn at / 540.449.9852

Dave Chinn facebook me!

hg coach
dchinn at / 540.449.9853

Ryan Hartsook facebook me!

leadership development
ryanhartsook at / 540.641.0381

Terri Dewey facebook me!

worship arts, connections team
terri at / 585.905.7938

Steve Englund facebook me!

men’s discipleship, setup team
steve.englund at / 540.641.0064

Kati Williams facebook me!

women’s discipleship
kati at / 540.392.9473

Dave Williams facebook me!

communications engineer
dtw at / 540.392.3310

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