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Tip.It, also known as Rune Tips, has a certain team of people whose job it is to organise and run events for other players. They are called the Tip.It Events team (TET) and you can find a list of their members via the link below.

This is the main TET page where you can access information about all previous events, including reviews and screenshots. You can also look through the calendar to find out about upcoming events as they are planned on a monthly basis. The very next event will be shown in the information box on the right side of the website, and you can follow the link for exact details on our forum. If you have any ideas for events or would like to give us any feedback, feel free to contact us here or via the forum.

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Slayer Tower Invasion 4

Slayer Tower Invasion 4 (P2P)

Sat 13-Oct-2007 @ 7:00pm UK

Many moons ago, Zamorakian mages experimenting with teleportation to the Abyss to attempt Runecrafting suffered a terrifying accident. At the loss of over 100 young students, a rift was formed...locating itself at the top of an abandoned castle in Morytania. Through this rift, thousands of Abyssal Demons descended upon the inhabitants of the castle and wiped them out. Luckily for the common Runescapian, the average Abyssal Creature is not intelligent enough to open doors.

The demonic Aura from these beasts attracted other frightening creatures such as Gargoyles and Nechraels, who had defeated many brave warriors over the ages and collected a horde of treasure in their lair. Other phantasms that came to the place of darkness included foul-smelling apparitions, gigantic poisonous tongues, deadly undead mages, screaming poltergheists, and decapitated digits.

Five of Gielenor's mightiest heroes gathered to discuss what was to be done in the light of this dark tower. Tureal of Burthorpe, Mazchna of Canifis, Vannaka of Edgeville, Chaeldar of Zanaris, and Duradel of Shilo knew what had to be done. They invaded the tower and slew as many creatures as they could, but more poured out of the rift. It soon became evident that these Abyssal demons were beginning to shape the behaviours of various creatures across the land. The slayer masters decided to recruit the mightiest fighters from across the world to spread out and increase their ability to slay and eventually have the experience to fend off the invasion from the Abyss.

Many moons later, the Demons still stand strong. However, mighty heroes have defeated many of the greater evils and found great treasure such as armoured boots and mauls of granite. It is even said that an intact intestine of the Abyssal Demon can be used as a weapon of ultimate power...

Previous Events
Event Time
March of the Wild Animals! Sat 6-Oct-2007 @ 9:00pm
KQ Kamikaze! Sat 29-Sep-2007 @ 9:00pm
The Amazing Race Sat 22-Sep-2007 @ 10:00pm
Impetuous Impulses Sat 15-Sep-2007 @ 9:00pm
Dr Oddensteins New Assistants! Sat 8-Sep-2007 @ 8:00pm
Pie Vs. Cabbage 2 Sat 1-Sep-2007 @ 9:00pm
A Last Fight Sat 25-Aug-2007 @ 9:00pm
Lords of War, Fight Pits With A Twist Sat 18-Aug-2007 @ 9:00pm
TETAU - Trouble Brewing Round 3! Sat 11-Aug-2007 @ 12:00am
Blizzard in the Desert Sat 4-Aug-2007 @ 8:00pm
Farmer Plunder! Sat 28-Jul-2007 @ 9:00pm
Waterbirth Island and POH Sat 21-Jul-2007 @ 9:00pm
TET and RV Present ~ Scavenger Hunt (An Interforum Event) Sat 14-Jul-2007 @ 8:00pm
Trawler! Captain Dead man's Treasure! Sat 7-Jul-2007 @ 9:00pm
The March of the Autoers Sat 30-Jun-2007 @ 9:00pm
A Weekend In The Stronghold Sat 23-Jun-2007 @ 8:00pm
Varrock Summer Ball Sat 16-Jun-2007 @ 9:00pm
Jungle Clean up! Sat 9-Jun-2007 @ 8:00pm
Those Rangers Forted #2 Sat 2-Jun-2007 @ 8:00pm
Dwarf Appreciation Day Sat 26-May-2007 @ 8:00pm
Pie Vs. Kah Bah Gee! (CW) Sat 19-May-2007 @ 8:30pm
Island Adventure Sat 12-May-2007 @ 9:00pm
The Invasion of Black Knight HQ! Sat 5-May-2007 @ 9:00pm
Winter Wonderland Sat 28-Apr-2007 @ 9:00pm
TET Presents: 300 Sat 21-Apr-2007 @ 8:00pm
The Trawler Mystery Sat 14-Apr-2007 @ 9:00pm
Easter Madness Sat 7-Apr-2007 @ 8:00pm
Temple Building Sat 31-Mar-2007 @ 8:00pm
St. Patrick’s Day Freak Train Sat 17-Mar-2007 @ 8:00pm
The Attack of the Tipiters! Sat 10-Mar-2007 @ 8:00pm
Waterbirth Island & Laikrobs House Sat 3-Mar-2007 @ 8:00pm
Castle Wars - with a twist Sat 17-Feb-2007 @ 8:00pm
Pillage and Plunder Sat 10-Feb-2007 @ 9:00pm
Ze Ole' Trawler Trip Sat 27-Jan-2007 @ 8:00pm
Trouble Brewing (TETau Event) Sat 13-Jan-2007 @ 4:00am
The Freaks of Christmas Past Sat 30-Dec-2006 @ 8:00pm
Christmas Bash V (Two Part, Two Day Event) Thu 21-Dec-2006 @ 10:00pm
Castle Wars: TET vs RV Sat 16-Dec-2006 @ 8:00pm
Those Rangers Forted Sat 9-Dec-2006 @ 8:00pm
The Great Itch, A Trawler Tale! Sat 2-Dec-2006 @ 8:00pm
Order of Cabbage vs. Order of Banana War Sat 25-Nov-2006 @ 10:00pm
Around the World in 90 Minutes Sat 18-Nov-2006 @ 8:00pm
Castle Wars Madness III Sat 11-Nov-2006 @ 7:00pm
Help the Wizard & Snowball Fight Sat 4-Nov-2006 @ 10:00pm
Slayer Tower Invasion Sat 28-Oct-2006 @ 7:00pm
Halloween Bash V Sat 21-Oct-2006 @ 10:00pm
The Great Gielinor Inferno Sat 14-Oct-2006 @ 10:00pm
Monk's Pilgramage Sat 7-Oct-2006 @ 7:00pm
Classic Freak Train Sat 30-Sep-2006 @ 2:00am
Castle Wars Madness & Battle for the Khazard Basin Sat 23-Sep-2006 @ 9:00pm
Pirates of the Karamj'ean: The Curse of the Black Trawler Sat 16-Sep-2006 @ 7:00pm
Bad Taste Party Sat 9-Sep-2006 @ 8:00pm
The Great Tai Bwo Wannai Clean Up Sat 2-Sep-2006 @ 8:00pm
Castle Wars Madness Sat 26-Aug-2006 @ 10:00pm
Runescape Best Dresser 2.0 Sat 19-Aug-2006 @ 7:00pm
Team Varrock: World Guards Sat 12-Aug-2006 @ 10:00pm




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