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Written by Rudedog   
Thursday, 26 April 2007

moha.jpgOur latest review of the recently released Medal of Honor trailer, takes a look at the death animation. We take a frame by frame look at what appears to be physic controlled animation.


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Man Down...Man Down

Starting around the 1:30 minute mark we are presented with two consecutive looks at Medal of Honor's death animation.

mandown_stairs.jpg Here we get to see an up close and personal look at the death animation. What I noticed first was the Allied Ammo crate in the first frame. (We've added that to Part1: Blood and Guts). Second you will notice how physics takes over once the GI is fatally wounded.

It frame 3 it appears to look like he is trying to brace his fall. but until we know more about the AI and how exactly the death animation is done, we can only assume the AI is this smart.

While these frame captures don't do this justice, if you pay close attention in the actual trailer you will notice, that he actually bounces on several stairs as he slides down.

Again this just pulls you in a little more.

mandown.jpgThe next death shown actually shows how the character reacts from being hit by an enemy bullet. You can actual see how his face translates what it must feel like to actually get hit with a bullet in WWII. You can actual see the pain and terror going through him.
Another thing to notice is the guy in front of him in this game. He looks to react to the rounds going buy him or the fact that the guy next to him just got hit.
He actually starts to get up in unison with the other GI but when the guy in the back ground is hit, he immediately sits back down to take cover. This is simply brilliant and will make excellent game play. Again let's hope we see this type of death animation and physics in multiplayer.
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