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Hugo Rifkind
Agent: Simon Trewin

Hugo Rifkind is a features writer on The Times. He has also written as a freelance for The Herald and The Sunday Times (Scotland) and the Evening Standard, the Daily Mail, Sky Magazine and

Published work includes comment, features, satire and interviews. Frankly, he'll do pretty much anything if you throw a cheque at him.

Hugo has also appeared on BBC Radio London, BBC Radio Scotland and, oddly, BBC Radio Leeds. Nobody has asked him to do telly yet but he would, like a shot.


CANONGATE (8 Aug 06)

Macaulay Lewis is a London showbiz reporter, and he loves it. He spends his evenings at glitzy society parties, were a healthy proportion of the people he meets seem to want to sleep with him. True, he does seem to have lost touch with most of his old friends, and, now he comes to think of it, his family, but he rarely lets that upset him. If he has one complaint, it's that he, himself, isn't nearly as famous as almost everybody else seems to be. So, when a mysterious cat-burglar starts stalking London's celebrity parties, Lewis sees an opportunity for self-promotion. He's going to catch the thief, and write about it. If only the thief would play along.

ISBN: 1 84195 858 1