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HD Radio

At 4pm Friday December 20, 2002, MIX 101.5 WRAL-FM became the first licensed commercial radio station on the east coast to broadcast in HD Radio.

And on Monday, June 27, 2005, MIX became the first commercial station in North Carolina and only the second commercial station in the nation to utilize the "multicasting" cababilities of HD Radio technology to broadcast multiple high definition digital channels.

(portions of the press release below)

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portions of the Press Release:

June 30th, 2005

Triangle Listeners are the First in North Carolina to Experience High Definition Multicasting

Raleigh, NC - The next step in the digital radio revolution was taken in the Triangle Monday when WRAL-FM launched a new, music-based radio station featuring nationally known artists such as Jack Johnson, Lenny Kravitz and the Pat McGee Band.

The new station, WRAL-HD2, is the state's first commercial digital multicast radio signal. WRAL-FM is only the second commercial station in the country to offer a continuously programmed, HD Radio® multicast channel. The digital broadcast provides CD and satellite quality.

"WRAL-HD2 gives us the opportunity to offer another great choice to radio listeners and expands our commitment to localism,” said Ardie Gregory, Vice President and General Manager of Capitol Broadcasting Company's radio division. "This new technology allows us to split one digital signal into two, enabling us to broadcast two stations rather than one. It's very exciting!"

Gregory said the new station would also feature local artists such as Tift Merritt and Vaughan Penn.

In December 2002, WRAL-FM became two radio stations, station executives explained. They included the existing analog WRAL-FM and the new digital WRAL-FM, called WRAL-HD. The two stations carried the same programming and both broadcast at 101.5 MHz. Now, WRAL-HD is being split into two, separate signals, WRAL-HD1 and WRAL-HD2. WRAL-HD1 will continue to broadcast the same programming as WRAL-FM. WRAL-HD2 will be programmed separately with its new music format.

Capitol Broadcasting, parent company of WRAL-FM, is one of the nation's leaders in high definition television. WRAL-TV5 was the first commercial station in the nation to broadcast a high definition television signal. While high definition television sets are readily available to consumers today, high definition radios are just beginning to enter the market.

WRAL-HD2 will only be available with a High Definition Radio?. Digital radios are now available at electronic stores and are being added to many new automobiles. Meanwhile, listeners can hear the new HD2 signal or MIX 101.5 WRAL-FM, online at wralfm.com by clicking, “Listen Live” and selecting WRAL-FM or WRAL-HD2.

"Compression allows us to broadcast two channels rather than just one," explained Gregory. This ability is called multicasting.

WRAL-FM is able to provide this new, supplemental service thanks to an experimental license from the Federal Communication Commission (FCC).

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