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Madeleine Police - No Charges Imminent

Portuguese police have insufficient evidence to arrest anyone in the hunt to find the kidnapper of Madeleine McCann.

Missing Madeleine
Missing Madeleine

Officers are focussing their efforts on the resort where the four-year-old British girl disappeared from two weeks ago.

Madeleine disappeared from her bedroom at a hotel resort in the Algarve as her parents dined nearby.

Detectives have seized a number of items during a search of the house of Russian Sergey Malinka.

Chief inspector Olegario Sousa insisted they are still collecting evidence regarding the investigation.

Computer expert Mr Malinka has been quizzed by police but he insists he had nothing to do with her disappearance.

The Russian, who designed a website for Robert Murat, the man named by police as a formal suspect in the case, was questioned for around five hours.

Plain-clothes officers removed two hard drives, a laptop and a black bin bag full of items from his home and took them away for examination.

After being released, the 22-year-old stressed he had been interviewed as a witness, not a suspect.

Chief Inspector Sousa confirmed that a man was questioned but did not name him as Mr Malinka.

He told a press conference in the town of Portimao: "He has been interviewed as a witness, a witness is not a suspect, but it may be during the course of the investigation things could change.

"It's a very dynamic investigation. The suspect couldn't become a witness, but the witness could become a suspect."

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