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While Nationals fans crow about Wednesday’s stirring comeback, Mets fans are at DEFCON 1 today. If you look closely on the Google Earth maps, you will notice many people wearing baby blue and orange perched on window ledges in Queens, ready to plunge to their deaths rather than witness their beloved Mets complete the second worst regular season collapse in baseball history. The Metropolitans have lost nine of 13 and lead the Phillies by just one game in the NL East. As pointed out by the NYT, the Mets are in danger of becoming the first team to blow a seven-game lead in its division with 17 games to play. Their savior, Pedro Martinez, takes the mound tonight in Flushing against the Cardinals, and then the Marlins come to town for three games.

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10 Responses to “Are the Mets Really Going to Miss the Playoffs?”

How have the Nats won 72 games? Manny Acta for MOY.

The American League is like the Western Conference in the NBA. Diamondbacks, Phillies - these are playoff teams?

I am a Marlins fan. My roommate is a Mets fan.

Nothing would give me more joy.

Don’t worry Mets fans. I’m sure that if the Mets don’t make the playoffs, Fox and TBS will still make sure that the NL playoffs are about David Wright.

I have gone through every range of emotion about this anger, sadness, apathy, being positive…I don’t know what to do anymore…this team could score 100 runs and the bullpen would give up 101….I am sick..I can barely sleep….this is awful…everyone is looking to blame the manager (I don’t this is all on the bullpen and it doesn’t matter who pitches…they blow it)…blame the stars…blame the GM…I don’t know who to blame…it is truly horrific…it is the worst feeling I have ever had…I just got my playoff tickets and It seems more and more everyday that they will be useless…This team needs to win…put together a solid win…run bases correctly…field and throw the ball…hit the ball and for the love of everything that is good and holy pitch…We need Pedro to be Pedro tonight…it has to happen…He needs to leave it all out there tonight…7 innings…7 innings…it may do it..who knows…with the bullpen I can’t even be that sure…I am rambling..I feel hopeless…this is worse than blowing a playoff game or series…at least you were there…and it is not even a close race that came down to the end…if we would have take any of our 9 losses in the last 13 games and make just 2 a win…this is over…we were up 7 games…7…and now its just one..please for my health…just win.

Yeah- you’re right. The American League is the Western Conf. I am not sure how those big Dogs do it. It must be such a strain facing Baltimore, Tampa Bay, The Royals, White Sox. Not sure how most of those teams win 90 games. Down with the East and all it’s good competition.

White Sox almost lost their lead, won the WS. Cards almost lost their lead, won it last year…..just maybe it will happen……or maybe not

The Nats have won 72 games because they get to play in the National League against teams almost as crappy as they are. You’re bound to win at least 65.

If the Mets make the playoffs it won’t be like the Cards or Sox. The Mets starters have an average age of around 52 I think, so none of them will be giving 9 innings like the White Sox did a few years ago. The Amazins’ bullpen is perhaps the worst it’s been all year, and there is no way that it’s going to improve any time soon. Once the confidence is shot, it’s not coming back. I don’t see how anyone would be blaming Randolph, he’s really got no good options. Their bullpen is just terrible - it’s that simple.

Comment of the year from RWH. I’m a lifelong Vikings fan, dude. I can relate.

I blame the cabbie that put Duaner Sanchez on the shelf for a year and a half. I don’t care if we back in as long as we make it. As has been said ad nauseum once you’re in its a crap shoot.

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