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The Ama-Sin (Bow Assassin)
Author: BigChief
Version: 1.10
Page 1

Leveling Guide
Character Comments

This is not a really cheap build. So it is not recommended for new players. Also Widow Maker is a Ladder only item and might be hard to come by. I would recommend trying to get this item first before you start to buy the rest. This build seems to work very well vs. casters.

What is an Amasin?

An AMA-SIN is an assassin that uses a bow for her primary attack.

Primary Source of Damage.


Secondary source of Damage.

Lighting Traps
Physical Damage
Deadly Strike
Open Wounds


Shadow Disciplines

1 - Claw Master (prep)
1 - Burst of Speed
1 - Fade
1 - Weapon Block (prep)
1 - Psychic Hammer (prep)
1 - Cloak of Shadows (prep)
1 - Mind Blast (optional)
1 - Shadow Warrior (prep)
1 - Shadow Master
20 - Venom


1 - Fire Blast (prep)
1-20 - Shock Web
20 - Charge Bolt Sentry
20 - Lighting Sentry
20 - Death Sentry

Why these Skills?

Well as stated before Venom is your main damage so that is self explained. Shadow master, well once you get 10x Shadow Discipline GCs plus all of the +skills gear you will be wearing you will have a very nice level shadow master that will be able to tank and help you kill your enemy, be it monster or player.
Mind Blast, Well this skill is optional because you do not use it the exact same way a normal trapper would. In most cases you only use it to kill someone that has 1 HP left and is running into town. However if you have good enough FCR you can use it just like a normal trapper would.

Fire Traps Vs Lightning Traps

Fire Traps: Fire traps do about 500 damage with your switch weapon (that is if you use a CTA) and only shoot 5 times. However they stun far better than lightning traps do.

Lightning Traps: Lightning traps do about 4k damage with your switch weapon (again if you use CTA) and also shoot 10 times. Stun... Well they don't stun as well as fire traps but in most cases they stun long enough to get a mouse lock on the person your attacking.

Personal opinion: To me lightning traps work far better. Fire traps my stun a little better but they add hardly any damage and are absorbed without any problems.


Strength - This should be as low as possible. This will vary depending on your gear.
Dexterity - Just enough to use Widow Maker with your gear on. (146 dexterity for Widow Maker)
Vitality - Everything Else.
Energy - None.

If you wish you may add enough dexterity to have max block with your switch shield.


Blocking seems to help vs. Barbs and Charge paladins the most but I'm sure it would help vs. all things that you are able to block.

Claw Vs Shield

Claw: Lower % to block but is able to block almost anything. Including fireball, blizzard, lightning, BS, etc... Also it is not based on DEXTERITY so you can put more points into your vitality.

Shield: You are able to get 75% blocking but not able to block as much as claws (i.e. spells) however if you are good at running around and dodging spells that is not a really big issue. However being hit by charge paladins may be.

Personal Opinion: They are both great styles of blocking. It kind of breaks down to how you play and what kind of duels you will be in. If you will be VSing mostly casters then claw block might be for you. Where if you fight mostly melee shield is for you.

For shield block I have reversed the block formula so that it gives the required DEXTERITY you would need at a specific level with a specific shield. Remember blocking is reduced to 35% wile running.

75(CLVL*2)/SB+15=DEXTERITY Required (CLVL= Character Level SB= Shields listed Blocking %)

Example 75(85*2)75+15=185 This means at level 85 I would need 185 dexterity to have 75% block with a shield that has 75% listed blocking %.


Ahh yes, the fun starts here. Please take note that you really cant skimp on this character and still expect it to be good. (at least in terms of stats)


Shako - (UM or 5/5 poison)
+3 Shadow Disciplines high life helm with 2 sockets - I would put 2* 5/5 poison facets in it but you could always put UM or JAH as well.
2 Socket COA - This item requires a very large amount of strength in order to be used. However it does give you a few more options to play with in terms of sockets.
Good Rare Circlet. - I have seen some rally good ones out there but shako can top most of them in terms of life/mana, DR and +2 "ALL" skills


Bramble - Higher the % the better. I myself would never buy one under 45%
20/20 poison high life armor - You lose up to 30% poison damage but you gain -20 res and life.

Enigma Vs Bramble

Enigma: Gives you 60+ strength, Teleport, 5% max life, and 8% dr. STRENGTH is great if you absolutely must use a SS. Teleport, this is only good if you are a hell of a name locker wile you teleport around someone. To me Guided arrow does not seem to lock on as well as if you were an amazon. Max life and Dr. Both very good mods to help you last a bit longer but again neither really help you kill.

Bramble: Gives you up to 50% poison damage, 50% FHR, Thorns Aura, 5% max mana/15% mana recover rate, and 5% max cold res. The up to 50% poison damage is a massive venom boost.50% FHR gives you a 5 frame (48% break point) FHR break point on its own. Thorns aura really helps when a melee attack attacks your shadow. Max mana helps when you are casting guided/traps for a long period of time. And max cold res, if you have good res items on really helps vs. cold attacks (other than a sorceress with -res gear or cold master)

Personal opinion: I would rather run around with bramble on than give it up for teleport on enigma.


Trang's Claws - 25% poison damage, 30% cold res, 20% FCR. Overall Very effective gloves.
Dracul's Grasp - 10-15 STRENGTH, Open Wounds, and a 5% chance to cast Life Trap.
Rare Gloves - There is no real need for 20% IAS because with a level 19 BOS you only need 10% IAS so Res/life/STRENGTH/DEXTERITY.

Charges: I think this is a good time to talk about charges. Someone told me that I should use a pair of gloves with Multi charges on them. Let me point out major issues with this. A: the charges are generally low level (in most cases in the 5 level range) And level 5 multi wouldn't help very much. B: Charges cost money to repair. In most cases a large amount of money. (200k+) C: In most cases there are not a lot of charges on the item. So you would be using them up rather quickly as well as having to pay 200k+ to repair the item after each duel. Not a very cost efficient killer.


Good Rare boots - (Good res for sure, STRENGTH/DEXTERITY are nice add-ons that will help you reduce stat usage, FHR and FR/W Almost a must here, more the better.)
SandStorm Trek - A good pair of boots but high STRENGTH requirement and no real useful over all res.
Shadow Dancers - Again, high STRENGTH boots and another ladder only item. But besides the lack of res they are overall very nice boots.


Nosferatu's Coil - No +1 skill but it does have +15 STRENGTH, 10% IAS and 10% Slow
Arachnid Mesh - +1 skill, 20% FCR, 5% max mana. Over all great item to keep on you to pre-buff.
Verdungo's Hearty Cord - Another nice belt but again it also comes with a high STRENGTH req.


Mara's - 30 res


Raven Frost - You should always have one of these on. Try to get one with 20 DEXTERITY it will cut down on the Dexterity you have to add.
Rare Ring - Mods that give res all for sure. + life/STRENGTH/DEXTERITY/FCR/ are great additional mods.
SoJ - Again you might want to keep 2 of these in your inventory for pre-buff.
BK Ring
Second Raven - Again 20 DEXTERITY is always better.


Widow Maker - UMed is best.
CTA - This is a very good switch weapon
Casting Claws - If you don't have a CTA these are also good switch weapons. I would also point out that 2* +3 SD claws can really help with pre-buff.


Because you use Widow Maker you don't need a main shield.

Lidless - This is the most common switch weapon to use with CTA.
Moser's Blessed Circle - With 2* ELD runes it will have 25% res all and 75% block.
Whitstan's Guard - With KO rune it will have +10 DEXTERITY and 75% block.


10* Shadow Disciples - Basic mods like +STRENGTH/DEXTERITY are really nice. High mods like life/FHR are even better.
Annihilus - As always higher the stats/res the better
9* SC of your choice - I use 2* 20life/5res SCs that I found and it helps with my res and then 7* 20lifescs.


FHR Break Points

Frame 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2
FHR Needed % 0 7 15 27 48 86 200 4680

IAS required for 7frames with XLVL BOS

BoS 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
IAS Needed % 125 60 48 40 35 30 27 24 23 20 19 18 16 15 14 13 11 11 11 10 10

FCR Break Points

Frame 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9
FCR Needed % 0 8 16 24 42 65 102 174


Basic Bait and Switch: This is your overall basic first duel. It normally only works on the first duel (although if other people don't see you then you might be able to pull it off on them too). To put it simply this is not a very popular build. (at least yet, IT SHALL TAKE OVER THE WORLD! *enter evil laugh*) So when people see you join they see the thorns aura as long as you keep your switch weapon up (for me its CTA) they don't see the bow. And guess what that means... They think your a WW asn. They are not going to be ready for traps or venom arrows. This is where it gets a little harder. If you hostile everyone in the game (yes I know some of you do) it might be even harder. You want to get out into your dueling area and place all of your traps in one spot. (aka looks like one trap). Once you do this walk away from them (so they are off the screen). Remember to keep your switch up the whole time until you are ready to attack them, if they see that bow then you lose the surprise factor. When they come at you, run off into your traps they will think you are scared and follow you. Once they are almost in range switch to your bow. If they are a caster wait until they are in your traps range before you start shooting. If they are a Charge Paladin, WW Barb or a FOH Paladin then you might want to start shooting a little before they are in range so you get a chance to get any extra damage you can in before they attack.

They will either A: Keep on attacking (most common) B: Run off (either to town or just to get out of the range of your arrows) C: Die before they can hit you. (happens a lot believe it or not) And lastly D: Kill you. (Personally I have never had this plan fail on the first try).

Basic Offensive Strategy: This is a "template" of a simple offensive strategy. I say template because when it comes down to playing offense or defense in general you have to be able to adjust to variables. Oh, at this point I would also like to point out that playing offensive vs. a caster with this strategy dose not work so well. This Template starts as if you are already in an defensive strategy, this does not mean you MUST be in a defensive strategy. It's just that most commonly when someone is not actively attacking someone they are normally in a defensive position (meaning ready to be attacked).

You want to simply let your traps lead you if possible. If your are pulling a simple lure trap on them then feel free to go gung-ho with your bow and get their attention. When you are leading your traps do it one at a time, so you get one big long line rather than a short scattered line. This is so if you need to run away from a reason you have a set path of damage that they will probably not follow you down.

As you get closer and closer start pot shooting (a shot every few seconds) with your bow. It doesn't really have to be a really well aimed shot, just something that will come close. If you hit them then that's even better. Sooner or later they will ether get mad and charge at you, or run away. If they run at you it is really no longer an offensive strategy it's more of a close combat situation. (I will explain this a little later). If they run away run after them, try and get close enough to get a name lock on them so you can shoot a few dozen GA after them and then cast a few LS and MB. Because of your speed this may be easier than you think (unless they have teleport). But at all times remember where your traps are. If you get too far away from them they die and are no good to you then. If this happens try and re cast them while you are chasing. The reason for this is if you can get them to pass back over the traps it's a lot like doing a lure (only you're forcing them that way).

Basic Defensive Strategy: Again this is only a template, you still have to worry about those variables. To start out you want to learn how different trap set-ups help you. Some people like a row, some people like a box (or circle), some people like to cast them randomly. I like to cast mine in one spot. This is because new map hacks out there have the ability to see traps on the ground (Yeah I know not very trapper friendly add on) But none the less you have to live with it because people are not going to stop cheating.

The way you place your traps dictates the most effective defensive playing style. If you are a person that casts a line or one place then you are going to want to try and keep your traps between you and them when they are coming at you. If you favour the box formation you still can try to keep the traps between the two of you, but they also have the ability to spread them out (to almost a screen length) and use them as early warning. Some people say a wider/smaller strap setup is better. This is all opinion. It's all how you play. The biggest thing I would like to point out about defense as this build is you can't sit in one spot. This is not like a "real" trapper you can just sit and wait for people to come to you. Move around a lot. When no one is within range move out of your traps and make it look like you're an easy target. People who sit and wait are not going to see as much action as if they are walking around a lot more. Most of all don't use the same spot for your traps over and over. If you do this people are going to catch on and stay way from those places. By moving it around to random locations people don't know what to expect.

Close Combat Conditions: This is going to happen a lot so get use to it. If are not doing a fall-back point or a lure trap then try and get your traps near you. This will help hit the target while you can't. When fighting melee at close range keep moving around your traps, try and make it so your traps still hit them, but keep moving so they can't hit you. This is where your speed pays off.

Pull off a few shots at close range, and yes you normally can unless they are really fast or teleport. Even if they block them they are still "stunned" (or stopped for a second) long enough to get a little further ahead to pull off a few more shots. Most importantly mix up the ways you run. Don't just run clockwise or counter clockwise. All you really need to do is keep them in range with your traps. This is also 70% the way you will be fighting with casters. Casters will most commonly get in range fire once or twice and teleport off. Those that get in range and keep firing are normally easy to kill because you can dodge most of their attacks without a problem and still have time to shoot a fairly well aimed shot at them. Blocking casters. They take a little more foot work and more shots fired than one with limited blocking ability but should not be any harder in terms of dodging and shooting.

Class Specific Strategies

Amazon - There are two basic amazon duelers. They are the bowazon and the CS amazon. Both can be deadly if made right and played right. Bowazons are probably the only thing you really have to worry about though. In most cases you can outrun cs amazons.

Bowazons, you want to use your traps if possible. Lure or force them into your traps if you can. Meaning set your traps off to the side and lure your attacker into them. Or set your traps down by them, slightly off to the side. Once doing so back off and try to force them into them. Running in and going gung-ho on a bowazon is probably not the best idea because if they get a GA lock on you and they wear common gear (aka 160/60, 120/45) you will probably be out gunned. If you can get in and cast a trap near them they will probably run, most amazons have very poor res. Most of all when you fight them try and keep your shadow alive at all times (or recast it a lot) your shadow can DF onto them and stun them long enough for you to run in and get a lock of your own on them. If you can get the name lock on them cast a few traps first wile you have name lock then start shooting, if they try running and your traps do good damage then start to MB them. If your traps don't then keep using GA on them wile they run and use a few MB to stun them long enough for the arrows to catch up. Once in a wile your might run into a poison jav amazon. Best part about them is they have to be in close range in order to poison you. Stay out of the poison and your fine.

Assassin - Again there are really only two common types of asns out there. Trappers and WW.

Trappers, well lets start off by saying that you have the biggest advantage over them. And that is range. She has to get close enough to get a trap near enough to you to attack you and still not get shot wile doing so. Use your traps to set up a defense line in front of you and use your bow to take her out. If you want to play more of an attacker than a defender then I would tell you to lead with your bow. Push her out back with your arrows and recast your traps up. But remember her traps are probably still going to be there unless she also recasts so you will have to avoid their attacks. MB is their key weapon vs. you. If they get you in a MB lock and you don't have good res then I would do my best to get out of it as soon as possible because it wont take too many shots from a 9-12k damage trap setup to kill you. Do your best to stay out of MB lock, run away if it seems like its close because they can always take another step up and try and get it.

WW asns, this is just a melee version of you without traps. Like a barb keep running randomly around your traps and shooting wile they are in the middle of a ww. Because of your bramble and other items you should have max poison res so she wont have any major advantage over you there. You will both probably do close to the same damage. Only difference is she has the ability to hit you a few times every ww. This actually doesn't helper her too much. Due to venoms .4 (.8 in hell mode?) delay the second hit hardly ever re activates the venom. The third hit normally does though so try not to get hit more than twice per ww. And on your side... 5 traps. I would not try to lure her into your traps. This may lead to easy hit via DF and a easy WW follow up. So recasting your traps wile you are running around is the idea.

Barbarian - There is pretty much only 1 common type of barb with different gear. There are however those unique barbs out there like WC barb, Throwbarb (actually I haven't run into one in 1.10 but I hear they are around) And even Zerk barbs (forgive me if I left out one of our favorite non common barbs I don't pretend to know every build) The Tough thing about barbs is they have massive life. My Dual axe barb has 5.5k life and still has 75% block with SS on. (not using any 3/20/20 mind you) I have run into a 7k life barb (or so he said) with this amasin and let me tell you. If they can't hit you their life doesn't really matter. The key is to keep your traps near you, and distance between you and him. If they lock on to you don't stop moving until you have a large lead on him. There is a bug with WW and another barb skilled (increased speed) that acts kind of like the paladin charge bug. They may seem far away but they could be right up on you. As long as you are as unpredictable as possible then you should be able to avoid being hit too many times. Someone pointed out to me that fade would work well because of the added DR. Well I have not tried it yet, I feel that speed is more important. But if you have a barb that simply wont get off you then I would try using a shield (or claws) that you can get high block with and try fade out wile using traps. You have to remember you have 10x shadow discipline gcs in your inventory and that gives you around a 57%+ chance to block with your dual claws (more if you have claws that give all or + shadow discipline skills)

Throw barbs, Well As I stated before I have not run into one yet. But I would think with 2 throwing spears and probably 160/60 or enigma on they would have low res and no block so they shouldn't be much of a problem.

WC barbs, Again not a very common build. They have the ability to stun as well as perfect res. Their damage is rather weak though and probably wont have any block either so if you can run away and shoot a few times you should be ok.

Druid - The most common druids are Wind Druids. I would say 9 out of 10 you run into will be wind druids. If any one has ever played a necromancer vs. a druid you know that the worst thing you can do is try to teleport and that you should always run. Well you have the best advantage on your side, SPEED. I use traps to kill their minions wile you wait just run around wildly avoiding their attacks. The one thing that can hurt you is their hurricane. (yes I know it sounds stupid) If you have low cold res and don't use a raven (some private duels prevent this) then you are somewhat open to their hurricane damage. Try to get out of it ASAP wile avoiding their tornados. Once their minions are dead take pot shots at them until they become stunned long enough for you to get a name lock on them (this will vary in time length depending on how good of a name locker you are) If you cant get a name lock keep pot shooting, sooner or later they will die or run off. If they look like they are going to run off follow them a bit and get a name lock on them if you can.

Melee druids, again not a very common build any more but they can do massive damage if they get close enough to do so. The biggest problem with them is they normally use a were-form this means they cant teleport. This leaves them open to attack on their way in and when they are running away. Even if they get close enough to attack they still have a problem because were-form builds tend to "pause" a second before attacking once they reach their target.

Necromancer - The only real big necromancer in duels any more is a Bone necromancer. Now this is where it starts getting hard because any one that's good with a bone necromancer and can buy what they need can be very hard to overcome. Necromancers, for me at least seem easier than druids because they don't stick right on you. (although I have run into a few necromancers that do get right next to you) Also their shots are perfect and straight. *unless they use Bone spirit but that's slow and can be outrun too easily* Most necromancers will use spear the most and then try and finish you off with teeth if they cant do it with spear. Keep your traps near you or lure them into them they work great both ways but do try and use them. I would not advise chasing after a necromancer because they can cast IBS (invisible bone spirit). Let them come close enough so you know your not going to get a face full of IBS when you go near them if you want to attack. I find a great way to finish a necromancer that runs away a lot is to set up a lure trap. They normally don't see it coming unless you do it all the time.

Poison necromancers, These you kind of have to look out for. They have massive -poison res gear on most of the time and commonly use massive summons to pretty much become almost unkillable. I say pretty much because once their summons are dead (be it from time or damage) they are usually the easiest thing to kill. Because they depend on their summons they normally don't add enough dexterity for max block. So just try and stay away until your traps/time can kill their summons and then take them out.

Summon necromancers, basically no different than poison necromancers the whole key is to keep away from them until your traps or time kill their summons (yes I know long duel) Remember that they probably have massive physical damage when they teleport right on you so always keep moving, if you must stop to cast make it really quick or use your switch.

Paladin - There are lots of paladins out there so I'm not going to list them all, just the common types.

Chargers, This is your one true enemy. this will be the hardest build for you to kill (that is if they are made very well and can be played well) They do massive damage with a bugged non visible attack. Your best hope is to shoot at them before they get on your screen and once they are on your screen sit in one place with your traps and try to get close to them after the first hit and let your traps kill them. this will reduce the damage they can deal to you down to what ever their secondary attack is (commonly smite or zeal) If they use exile chances are you will get LT cast on your first or second hit any how and you are pretty much dead after that because they leach back to fast for you to do anything (sorry I can't say more to help here)

FOH Paladins, Again, this really depends on the playing style and gear of the paladin. If they have high res and teleport/charge then you going to have a hard time killing them without dying in 1-2 hits. Best hope is to shoot at them before they are on your screen and try and kill them there.

Hammer paladins, A lot like a wind druid here. Just get away from them as soon as they teleport next to you and your fine. Your bow/traps should have too hard of a time killing them as long as you stay away from their hammers.

Sorceress - I'm just going to name off the 3 biggest types here (FB, Blizzard, Lightning) Traps seem to work ok vs. sorceresses. They normally have max res and sometimes use energy shield to stop most attacks from hurting their health.

Fireball sorceresses, unless they teleport right on you and shoot you can dodge their attacks fairly easily. You just need to get good at aiming at a fast teleporting target. Normally 1-3 hits from a good sorceress will kill you so try not to get hit.

Lightning sorceresses, I must say this build kills these type of sorceress better than most other builds because the attack is poison rather than elemental or physical and is not stopped by energy shield. Lightning is easy to dodge because its slow and cant be cast very rapidly like fireball can. So like fireball sorceress, dodge them and you should have no problem.

Blizzard sorceresses, In most cases blizzard sorceresses mean 1 hit kills to most builds so that's nothing new. Always keep moving when a blizzard sorceress is even hostile to you. Keep your eyes open for her on your map and keep a better eye on any blizzards on your screen. If you keep her off your screen chances of her hitting you are limited. And as for her doing a drive by, unless she has really good aim and fast hands she won't be able to amin very well, just be ready to move out of the way quick. Blizzard sorceress really seem to keep you on your toes. But if you keep your traps near you and get a good name lock on her with guided arrows she will be forced to run away.

Leveling Guide

There really isn't much to say here. Rushing your character to Baal runs works best. I would advise leveling up your traps first (all but shock web).

For doing Baal runs I would either use trappers gear (if you have it) or your pre-buff gear with LS. If you don't have trapper gear or LS doesn't seem to kill very well I would say to use Death Sentry then. With the added Corpse explosion they seem to do the job fairly well.

My AmaSin

Level - 85
Bow Damage - Just under 4k 3.9 I think.
Traps damage - 4k
Life - 2.8k W/BO
DR - 10%
Blocking - 75% w/ switch
Helm - Shako - Umed
Armor - 49% Bramble
Belt - Nosferatu's coil
Gloves - Trang's Claws
Boots - Rare 10% FR/W 20% FHR 31% Coldres 29% lightning res 16% Fire res +19 STRENGTH
Amulet - 30% Maras
Ring 1 - 20 Dexterity Raven
Ring 2 - rare ring: 15% res all +16 Dexterity +11 life +2 strength Rare ring.
Weapon 1 - Umed Widow Maker 166%/5
Weapon 2 - 6 BO CTA
Shield 2 - Moser's Blessed Circle w/2* ELD
pre-buff/casting gear - 2* SoJ, 2* +3 SD claws, Arachnid Mesh.

These numbers might not be exact I'm doing it from memory.


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