Last Day On Set?

Fri 28th September 2007

Warning: Contains Spoilers

If you're a regular on the Neighbours forum or you've been reading the gossip pages, you'll have heard the rumours that one or two Neighbours cast members are leaving Ramsay Street for good. We're about to set the record straight so if you're not a fan of spoilers... look away now!

Sadly, we can confirm that those particular rumours are true. Today Eliza Taylor-Cotter (Janae Timmins) filmed her final studio scenes. As is tradition on the Neighbours set, cast and crew gathered to say goodbye. There were even a few old faces in the crowd, Damien Bodie (Dylan Timmins) came in to wish his on-screen sister all the best and to reassure her that there is life after Erinsborough.

Producer Peter Dodds presented Eliza with a card and a digital camera as a leaving present. She joked that she was glad it was waterproof as she'll be taking it to rainy England in a few months when she heads over to perform in the pantomime "Snow White" this Christmas.

Unfortunately Eliza isn't the only actor exiting this year. Before Neighbours takes its annual production break in December, Ben Lawson (Frazer Yeats) will also be departing. The news broke in the Australian media last weekend and there has already been wild speculation as to how Frazer will be written out. So here's a twist that wasn't mentioned in the press: Natalie Saleeba (Rosetta Cammeniti) is leaving too. Will they go together? You'll just have to wait and see!

In the meantime, don't despair. The shooting schedule means that Eliza, Ben and Natalie will all still be on air in Australia at the start of 2008 (and even longer in the UK) so you can rest assured that there's still plenty of Janae, Rosie and Frazer drama to come.

Eliza's Last Day

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