Get inside the mystery of your favorite guilty pleasure with cast interviews, roundtable discussions and insider secrets from the hit here! Original dramatic series "Dante's Cove."

Find out straight from your favorite stars what goes on behind-the-scenes. Join our rowdy panel for in-depth discussions on each episode.

If you can't get enough of the Cove's supernatural sexiness, tune in for an exclusive look at your favorite guilty pleasure.

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The Dante's Cove Podcast #19
What's in store for Season Three of "Dante's Cove?" No one knows for sure, but we can offer up guesses and suggestions.

The Dante's Cove Podcast #18
Ben Harvey checks in with the fans to get the inside scoop on the "Dante's Cove" craze. People just can't wait for Season Three.

The Dante's Cove Podcast #17
German Santiago chats with Ben Harvey about playing the omnisexual Kai, his famous kitchen scene, and life in Austin, TX.

The Dante's Cove Podcast #16
Gabriel Romero, who plays Marco, discusses chest hair, playing gay characters on television and not worrying about labels.

The Dante's Cove Podcast #15
We're wrapping up Season Two with a rowdy roundtable discussion of the Libra Solstice and all of the other goodness in Episode 5.

The Dante's Cove Podcast #14
Is there life after death in "Dante's Cove"? Ben Harvey looked for answers when he spoke with Josh Berresford who played Cory.

The Dante's Cove Podcast #13
Thea Gill plays the mysterious Diana Childs. Ben grabbed her by phone while she was at home in Canada to talk about the show.

The Dante's Cove Podcast #12
Charlie David, who plays sweet, monogamy-minded Toby on Dante's Cove, joins Ben Harvey to dish about life on the island.

The Dante's Cove Podcast #11
Ben Harvey was able to snag everyone's favorite avatar of Tresum, Grace Neville, played delectably by Tracy Scoggins.

The Dante's Cove Podcast #10
Join your host Ben Harvey, along with Jason and Sara, as they discuss episode 4 and try to figure out the Libra Solstice.

The Dante's Cove Podcast #9
Michelle Wolff, who plays Brit, joined Ben Harvey to discuss working out, love scenes, and hanging out with the cast in Hawaii.

The Dante's Cove Podcast #8
Ben Harvey tracks down Nadine Heimann, who plays Van, the spicy lesbian and Tresum aspirant on here!'s Original Series.

The Dante's Cove Podcast #7
Your host Ben Harvey and friends Sara and Jason delve further into the intricacies of Saint and Van's ghetto Tresum.

The Dante's Cove Podcast #6
Ben Harvey caught up with the delectable Jon Fleming whose character Adam spices up the Cove with his addiction to Saint.

The Dante's Cove Podcast #5
Ben Harvey sits down to talk with Erin Cummings, who plays Michelle, the sexy lesbian love interest of Van, on Dante's Cove.

The Dante's Cove Podcast #4
Ben Harvey is joined in the studio by his friends Sara and Christian to dish on episode 2 of the sultry here! Original series.

The Dante's Cove Podcast #3
Ben Harvey gathers friends Sara and Derek to discuss the first episode of the second season of the hit series, Dante's Cove.

The Dante's Cove Podcast #2
Join Ben Harvey as he dishes on life at The Hotel Dante with Gregory Michael, who plays Kevin on Dante's Cove.

The Dante's Cove Podcast #1
In the first episode, your host Ben Harvey recaps the first season of the sexy here! Original series, Dante's Cove.