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2007.10.09 - Poe leaves Machinae Supremacy
Due to different priorities, Johan Palovaara is now leaving the band to pursue other ambitions.

Poe's replacement will be announced in November.

2007.10.03 - PLAY! in Oslo, and finally: THE VIDEO
After the huge success playing with the Royal Philharmonics at PLAY! in Stockholm this summer, we are now returning to do it once again in Lilleström, Norway on October 26th. More details to follow.

Also, the video release is NOW! Please forgive the delay, and enjoy the video now that it's finally here. More download formats of the video will follow.

2007.07.17 - PLAY!, Video and new Album
The PLAY! event was a huge success and an awesome experience. Performing together with an orchestra and choir of more than 120 people, before an audience of 1700 people two times in one day, is something you're not likely to forget. We met a lot of cool people, including Arnie Roth and Akira Yamaoka.

In actual news, obviously the video has been delayed and we are very sorry for this. The delay is due to issues with the post-production, but hopefully it will all be resolved soon. Also, we've set an internal date with Spinefarm, but it's still too early to estimate an official release date.

2007.05.15 - Quick stop in Luleå May 18th
Before our upcoming mini-tour in the Stockholm area, beginning with Moshpit Open 2007, followed by Bandit Metal Fest and concluded with the PLAY! video game symphony in the royal concert hall, we are doing a last minute hit&run gig at Brasseriet, Luleå. We summon all nearby fans and friends to this place! ;-)

2007.05.11 - Bandit Metal Fest!
We are finally allowed to announce the Bandit Rock Radio Metal Fest in Stockholm on May 31st, where MACHINAE SUPREMACY will perform alongside Scar Symmetri, Clawfinger and Pain.

2007.05.02 - Robert's Guitar for Sale!
Robert Stjärnström, singer and backing guitarist in MACHINAE SUPREMACY, has put up his original badass customized Fatstrat guitar for sale on eBay! Used on both albums and most MaSu live gigs to date, this guitar has been with us from the start.

Here's your chance to own a piece of MACHINAE SUPREMACY history.