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What's New

The following table identifies what is new for each release of Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS).

Version Description of features
Version 3.0 New features:

  • Added Peer Caching which lets you download content from peers and also serve content to peers in a domain network.
  • Added notification for when a file is downloaded.
  • Added access to the temporary file while the download is in progress.
  • Added the ability to control HTTP redirects.
  • Added more group policies to control peer caching and limit download times.
  • Added diagnostic & troubleshooting events to the system event log.
  • Added support for User Account Control (UAC).

Note  BITS now uses group policies to limit the number of jobs and files you can create. This may affect applications that currently create a large number of jobs or add a large number of files to a job.

Included in the Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista operating systems.

The version of %windir%\System32\QMgr.dll is 7.0.xxxx.xxxx.

Version 2.5 Added support for custom HTTP headers, certificate-based client authentication for secure HTTP transports, and IPv6. Also added the use of Internet gateway device (IGD) counters to more accurately calculate available bandwidth.

The 2.5 features are available in the Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, and Windows XP SP3 operating systems.

You can also download BITS 2.5 for Windows Server 2003 SP2, Windows Server 2003 SP1, and Windows XP SP2. To download BITS 2.5, go to the Microsoft Download Center and install KB923845.

The version of %windir%\System32\QMgr.dll is 6.7.xxxx.xxxx.

Version 2.0 Added support for performing concurrent foreground downloads, using server message block (SMB) paths for remote names, downloading ranges of a file, changing the prefix or complete name of a remote name, and limiting client bandwidth usage.

Included in Windows XP SP2 and Windows Server 2003 SP1. You can also download BITS 2.0 for Windows Server 2003, Windows XP SP1, Windows XP, Windows 2000 SP4, and Windows 2000 SP3. To download BITS 2.0, go to the Microsoft Download Center and install KB842773.

The version of %windir%\System32\QMgr.dll is 6.6.xxxx.xxxx.

Version 1.5 Added upload and upload-reply capability, command-line execution for events, explicit credentials, and support for Windows 2000.

Included in Windows Server 2003. A redistributable is available for Windows XP and Windows 2000 SP3 from the Microsoft Download Center.

The version of %windir%\System32\QMgr.dll is 6.5.xxxx.xxxx.

Version 1.2 Same functionality as version 1.0. Contains internal upgrades and improvements.

Included in Windows XP SP1 and Windows 2000 SP3.

The version of %windir%\System32\QMgr.dll is 6.2.xxxx.xxxx.

Version 1.0 Initial release. Provides prioritized, throttled, and asynchronous downloads in the background or foreground. The downloads automatically resume after computer restarts and network disconnects.

Included in Windows XP.

The version of %windir%\System32\QMgr.dll is 6.0.xxxx.xxxx.

Version 3.0

The following interfaces were added for this version:

Added the following constants to use with the IBackgroundCopyJobHttpOptions::SetSecurityFlags method:


Version 2.5

The following interface and enumeration were added for version 2.5:

Version 2.0

The following interfaces, structure, and topics were added for version 2.0:

For information on concurrent foreground downloads, see Remarks for BG_JOB_PRIORITY.

For information on using the SMB protocol, see BG_FILE_INFO.

Version 1.5

The following interfaces and topics were added for version 1.5:

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Build date: 10/1/2007

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