April 29th 1992
More about "Model 92": More than 25,000 girls had sent their measurements, details and photos to the model contest. 45 of us were selected and presented on the show Gottschalk (RTL) by Germany's most famous TV host, Thomas Gottschalk. The audience chose me as the 'winner of the week' on April 15th, 1992. One week later, I became the 'winner of the month.' The final competition took place on April 29th. At that final stage, the judging panel was composed of fashion experts and celebrities, and their votes let me win the contest! My reward was a modeling contract, running over three years and guaranteeing a minimum sum of $300,000 dollars. At that time, this was the highest amount ever offered for a contract at this sort of model contest. I hadn't expected to win and was completely surprised. It seems that I was in the right place at the right time. Each of the five finalists received a car, a red Opel Corsa. That was what I really had longed for