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Georgia Tech Lorraine (GTL), the Georgia Institute of Technology's (Georgia Tech) platform into Europe is a non-profit corporation operating under French law. Its activities are divided into five main areas:

  • Graduate level education, with degree programs offered in electrical and computer engineering and in mechanical engineering. Several double degree programs leading to the Master of Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology and French degrees from carefully selected engineering institutions are also available at Georgia Tech Lorraine.
  • Sponsored research, with programs directed toward specific opportunities in the European community. Such activity has lead to the creation of a joint research laboratory, GTL-CNRS Telecom, between the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) and Georgia Tech at Georgia Tech Lorraine. The main thrusts of research of this laboratory are in the areas of secure and high-speed telecommunications.
  • Undergraduate summer program offered in electrical and computer engineering and in mechanical engineering, management, and international affairs.
  • Continuing education targeted at practicing engineers and managers.
  • Local economic development targeted at hosting high-tech companies.

Opened in October 1990, Georgia Tech Lorraine is a highly innovative venture under which an American university offers graduate programs in Europe. At GTL students can completely fulfill degree requirements toward the Master of Science degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and they can partially fulfill requirements for the Ph.D. degree. When joining this program, students from around the world get the opportunity to study and take courses taught in English by Georgia Tech faculty assigned to Georgia Tech Lorraine.

Moreover, cooperative agreements with local partner institutions enable GTL students to pursue double degree programs in engineering and sciences, in addition to degrees from Georgia Tech. Within the framework of these agreements, students may take courses offered by these partner institutions in their local language. Upon successful completion of these highly innovative and integrated programs, students are awarded a Master's degree from Georgia Tech and a Graduate Diploma from a partner institution.

Therefore, GTL students are well-equipped to become the leading engineers, scientists and managers of the future. Not only do they acquire an excellent engineering foundation, but they also emerge with the ability to recognize and adapt to the new requirements of the global market and the emerging European academic, research and industrial arenas.