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News Archives: 1996-1999

MDb news since 1996.

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June 9, 1999
Is she coming back??
Recently, sources have stated that Nintendo of Japan is denying that Shigeru Miyamoto ever made a statement regarding a new Metroid game at that conference a few months ago. Not only that, but IGN64, the origin of this rumor, has failed to uncover any more information on the subject. All this leads me to believe that IGN64 screwed up and reported something either without getting all the info confirmed, or that was simply not true. Gee, thanks IGN! Next time, get your facts straight. If it turns out that the report is true, I'll gladly eat a bit of crow and apologize; until then, I advise everybody to take anything IGN reports with a grain (or more) of salt -- if you don't already.

March 18, 1999
According to IGN64, Shigeru Miyamoto announced today that NCL is in fact working on a new Metroid title during his keynote address at the Game Developers Conference in San Jose. Although he is not working on the project, IGN says, he does stop by the development department to check up on things from time to time. Evidently Miyamoto did not specify that it would be for the Nintendo 64, which is causing speculation that it may be intended for Nintendo's next system. More news as it comes to light. Let's hope Samus' next mission is finally scheduled...for real.

February, 1999
In the February 1999 issue of Gamers Republic, there is an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto, and the following Q&A; exchange is contained...

GR: What remaining 16-bit sequels might we see on the Nintendo 64?

Miyamoto: Well, Metroid, although I am not the Metroid producer. Whenever I come across the opportunity in a company meeting, I try to suggest it.

...Miyamoto goes on to say that Fire Emblem and Kirby are also future possibilities, but I found it promising that he mentioned Metroid right off the bat. It's quite obvious that NCL is fully aware of the demand for Aran.

January 21, 1999
Nintendo's new fighting game for the Nintendo 64, Nintendo All-Stars Dai Rantou Smash Brothers, was released to the Japanese market today. Shipped in rather short supply, wholesalers are currently charging around 8800 yen (approx. US$90) for the game, which has a list price of only Y5800 (around US$60). More units are expected to ship within a couple weeks, which will bring about better prices and availability to US importers. The MDb will be trying to obtain a copy as soon as possible for review!

January, 1999
In the current issue of Nintendo Power, there's an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto regarding upcoming Nintendo releases. The following question is asked and answered thusly:

"NP: How About Metroid 64?

M: I am not in charge of Metroid 64 or Fire Emblem [a popular RP that was released only in Japan] As a company, Nintendo has to consider making N64 versions of popular games, and now we are reviewing the possibilities."

Official words from Nintendo such as these are what I find most reliable, and this certainly sounds promising. See, what'd I tell you -- after Zelda and Castlevania hype dies down, start keeping your eyes peeled cuz I think we may hear the word "Metroid" uttered more than a few times this year. Let's hope so.

November 13, 1998
Yes, it's true, yes, it's confirmed, yes, it's for sure!!! Samus Aran will make her N64 debut as one of the playable characters in Nintendo's new fighting game, Nintendo All-Stars Dai-Rantou Smash Brothers. In fact, all of Nintendo's biggest stars will be entering the fray, including the Mario brothers, Donkey Kong, F-Zero's Blue Falcon, Link, Fox McCloud, and lots more. Smash Brothers, which will most likely undergo a title change for its US release, should be out in Japan early 1999. Go to the announcement at for the full scoop! Ya know what? It might be time for me to buy an N64.

October, 1998
Sorry this is late and a bit untimely, but I figured it should at least be archived on the site. Nintendo has announced that they will be re-releasing a color version of Metroid II for the GameBoy Color. No word on an official release date yet. They've also said that they'll be re-releasing some old NES classics for GBC--I hope this includes the original Metroid!

In other news, Dan Owsen of's "Ask Dan" fame keeps making vague references to the possibility of an upcoming new Metroid game. Just last week he mentioned that he knew that we wanted one, "2D, 3D or otherwise." Whatever that means. But they do know that demand is there, so hopefully you're not all email bombing the big N about it.

August 14, 1998
GAH! Craziness! In the course of a single week, suddenly the prospects of a Metroid 64 are looking up! An MDb visitor (I dunno if he wants his name disclosed so I'm withholding it) recently wrote the big N an email simply telling them that he'd love to see a Metroid 64... and believe it or not, they responded quite favorably indeedy!! Check out their response:

While a Metroid game for the N64 has not yet been officially announced, it's very likely one will be produced. Keep checking our website for the latest product information, announcements and updates. New information like game announcements and release dates is first posted there! There is an extensive amount of upcoming game and system information throughout the site. If a release date isn't listed in our pages, then it means the date isn't yet known. 'bout that?? "very likely" is a heck of a lot better than what they usually write back-- something along the lines of "there are no plans at this time" or whatever. As I said in the last news bit (see August 7, below), I think that after Zelda is released, we Metroid maniacs should start being a bit more eagle-eyed in our examination of the latest game mags and videogame news websites--I have a hunch that some info is going to sneak out towards the end of this year or early next year. Perhaps the MDb will actually start getting exciting again! ^_^

August 7, 1998
Good lord in heaven. Jump back. Strike up the friggin' band. Nintendo actually uttered the phrase "Metroid 64" in public! On the most recent "Ask Dan" column at, the following innocent yet slightly misinformed question sent the Metroid fans of the Internet into an utter frenzy:

Q: Dear Dan, Have you heard of something called the Year 2000 bug? There is a good site explaining it at I am very concerned about this problem. They say you should check everything that plugs into the wall for compliance with the year 2000. Witch brings me to the point, what about Nintendo products? Your loyal and concerned reader, [Name omitted]

A: First of all, how would your Nintendo 64 even know what year it is? Of course the Nintendo 64 Disk Drive does have a real-time clock in it, but Iím sure that the developers were aware of the Y2K bug as they were developing that system. In any event, the Y2K bug is really going to affect mainly machines that use the COBOL programming language, which the N64 assuredly does not. So donít worry about the N64, you should be able to blissfully continue playing Metroid 64 as the clock strikes midnight on December 31, 1999. That is, if your power companyís computer systems are Y2K compliant! (Wait a minute -- did I say Metroid 64? That is just wishful thinking!)

...Whatever, Danny! I've been reading Nintendo's little hints and "propaganda," if you will (i.e., Nintendo Power), for over ten years now--I know when a name-drop is wishful thinking and when it's not. This sounds like a definite hint that Nintendo plans on releasing Metroid 64 by late 1999, possibly for the 64DD. Of course, Zelda: Ocarina was supposed to be for the 64DD as well, and we all know that it's a cartridge that's coming out on November 30 (a nice pretty gold one, but still, a cartridge). Anyways, Nintendo just doesn't let their employees say things like this if there isn't a hint of truth behind it. Perhaps since Zelda is near completion, they have to start drumming up a little hype for their next major title, or at least one that's down the road. Perhaps it's time for us Metroid junkies to start keeping our eyes peeled. Oh well. Now, DON'T take this as an official announcement from Nintendo that Metroid64DD will be released by late '99 or anything, please!! ...But it's a start! ^_^ Thanks to everyone who brought this to my attention--there were a lot of you--since I hardly ever go to myself!)

May 27, 1998
Well, it's mentioned, at least...Shigeru Miyamoto held a press conference to show off the new Zelda game, and of course, someone asked the following question:

Q: Considering the fact that Nintendo is making sequels to its most successful games, are there any plans of a Metroid or Punch-Out for N64?

Miyamoto: I'm personally not involved in a Metroid sequel and I hope that there is some other developer who will make one. I just have no information about it. I'm sorry. there ya have it. Nothing on the Metroid front yet. Sucks, dunnit?

November, 1997
Well, Metroid64 didn't show up at Space World like we hoped. Big surprise. However, it was mentioned by Shigeru Miyamoto at a press conference...the incident occurred thusly, according to EGM:

  • Did Somebody Say Metroid 64? Yes, Mr. Miyamoto did. When asked if the game was in the works at todayís Q&A; session at Space World, he replied that right now, the game is NOT in development. He did however say that thereís a chance that the game will surface sometime in the not-too-distant future, and he followed that up with a question for the game press: "Would you like to see a new Metroid?," he asked. As you can imagine, the answer he received was a resounding "YES!" from everyone in attendance (EGM included). So it may not be here yet, but I think we can safely say weíre one step closer to seeing our favorite female in action once again. By John Ricciardi, Electronic Gaming Monthly
...Oh, those wacky NCL guys. Well, as we should know by now, anything Nintendo says should be taken with a grain or three of salt, but at least they acknowledged the fact that we're waiting for Sammer to return so we can assist her on her next mission.

October 17, 1997
Well somebody on the Message Board posted this but I wanted to wait til I saw it myself...the latest issue of GameFan magazine (Vol. 5 Issue 10) had this to say in their "Other Stuff" column:

  • "Metroid 64 will make its debut at the Shoshinkai for the 64DD. No word on how far along development is, but we do know that the game is scheduled for a Christmas '98 release (c'mon Nintendo, you can do better than that). Of special interest is the possibility of Metroid 64 being the first cart/disc combo on the N64."

...Now as you know, I have given up on taking this kind of info at face value, so for now my opinion is "I'll believe it when I see it." It sure is nice to see it in print though, isn't it? :) (And speaking of nice to see in print, how 'bout that picture of Morrigan on page 150? Yowza! ^_^)

October 6, 1997
This is not the kind of news I like to post, fans...
I have just found out that Gumpei Yokoi died in a car accident last Saturday, October 4 1997. Yokoi-san created Nintendo's classic Game & Watches, GameBoy, and Virtual Boy, as well as served as the producer of the Metroid series.
Please observe a moment of reflection for Yokoi-san, be it to mourn, pray, or play your GameBoy...remember the great contributions to our favorite hobby that he has made.
Arigatou gozaimashita, Yokoi-san...and rest in peace. You will be greatly missed.

July 12, 1997
I had someone check it out for me. Looks like the Samus in StarFox64 thing is a big ol' pile o' BS. Sorry kids.

July 11, 1997
Stop the presses! Looks like Samus IS on the N64...ALREADY! But not in her own game--I've been informed that Ms. Aran makes a cameo appearance in the new StarFox64! More details as I get them.

July 11, 1997
Alright fans...a new rumor has been circulating thanks to the mental giants at Funcoland that there is a "Dressed to Kill" code in the original Metroid. All my Metroid wisdom tells me that it's pure BS. Funk-O's website claims that you input the code Dressed to Kill (how is that supposed to fit??) and you get an armorless Sam. I'm working on it and seeing if there is any configuration that works, but I'm not counting on it. However, I have learned a funky new code that's in Tips & Tricks! Save "Dressed to Kill" for the title of a KISS album. Oh wait...they already did that...sorry...

July 11, 1997
The latest issue of GameFan magazine stated in its "Other Stuff" section that Nintendo's R&D; 2 staff, who developed Metroid, are working on a 3D fighting game for the N64. Oh boy...more 3D fighters. Just what we need. Why aren't they working on a new Samus game? Or are they? Or is it finished? Or doesn't it exist? Gawd, who can tell anymore...oh, in other GameFannery, they said that the 64DD has a CONFIRMED release at the end of this year in Japan. No US date is set yet. Guys, don't hold your breath for Met64 anytime soon.

May 13, 1997
The May issue of the industry magazine Videogame Advisor has Metroid 64 on their list of upcoming games for the N64, with a release date of November. However, this same list reads "Legend of Zelda 64-TBA" and "Zelda 64-October", so I wouldn't exactly put a lot of faith in their accuracy...

April 15, 1997
STRAIGHT FROM NINTENDO'S MOUTH!! ...well, sort of. An MDb patron emailed me and told me that a recent (the newest?) issue of Nintendo Power did, in fact, have a vague reference to our favorite he puts it, "It was rather vague, it said 'Well Don't Worry. Samus will be back but not in the Metroid series'..." I will be scouring the latest NP for absolute confirmation of this bit. The Big N is playin' with us, folks...I think they know that we know. Ya know? That's's these little snippets that keep us goin. : )

March 22, 1997's "Yutaka Ohbuchi Reporting" section had this snip today:

"The 64 Dream featured a Q&A; session with
Nintendo's publicist Yoshio Hongo.

[Fast-forward thru a few questions--TJ]

"T64D: Is there any chance for Metroid 64?

"Hongo: We are not working on it yet. We know this title is popular among American people, and they are expecting it to be released. The division which developed Super Metroid are the same guys who are working on Game Boy Pocket. Recently, they were working on the conversion of the Game & Watch Gallery for the Game Boy. Now they are developing a game for the Game Kiosk. [An automatic game vending machine for the Super Famicom and Game Boy that uses a flash ROM cartridge; it is installed inside convenience stores or game shops.] So, if is there sequel to Super Metroid, then it will be for the Super Famicom. This team is not working on any Nintendo 64 projects right now."

ACK!! Whatta pisser!! Well, I think by now we know better than to trust anything Nintendo's publicists tell us (flashback to 1990, when NOA was telling us that the 16-Bit Nintendo system was not going to be released in the US!!). Probably just a ploy to keep rabid fans (like us!) away from details. You don't need Mulder and Scully to figure this one out! (Although I'll take Scully, if she's available...oop, sorry! : P )

March 6, 1997
Another snip has been printed. This time it's in the April issue of EGM. The eponymous Quartermann wrote in this month's edition of the infamous "Gaming Gossip" article that "Nintendo is hip-deep in the development of Metroid 64 and Kid Icarus 64, which, of course, is good news...the bad news is that both games are a minimum of a year to two years away." Nothing we didn't already know about Metroid, but it was one more indication that the game is a reality. And hey--Kid Icarus--cool...but I STILL wanna see one for the SNES!!

March 6, 1997
I just want to throw in something I've heard about Metroid 64, so that I know I haven't missed anything:

I've heard that the game may not be a Metroid game (that is, feature the metroids or Mother Brain) but rather another adventure starring Samus. While I really wanna see a floating, pulsating, 3D rendered metroid flying around, I can understand why they wouldn't want to continue with the metroid storyline--after all, this is Nintendo's "dark" series, and while Bowser can kidnap Princess Toadstool over and over and it's acceptable, I guess they can't keep bringing the metroids back.

HOWEVER...(and I thought this part up all by myself ^_^)...the Metroid games were very loosely based on the Alien movies, right? Well, the new Alien movie (the fourth) is called "Alien Resurrection"-- could the new Samus quest be "Metroid Resurrection"?! Hey, who knows!! ^_^

Finally, I just want to say that since Nintendo has NOT officially announced a new Metroid game for the N64, very little information is available. Don't bother emailing or calling Nintendo for info about Metroid 64, as they will deny its existence (they're good at that) until they decide to go public with it. All info about its development comes from other sources and may or may not be accurate--but hey, it's all I've got!! (I'm jealous of my friend Niels right now, who has plenty of news on Zelda 64 to play with! When's it gonna me MY turn, Nintendo?! ; )

March 6, 1997
Hmm, this sure is interesting!! In a recent edition of "Ask Dan" on, this question was asked and answered:

"Q: I read in Ultra Game Players that Eidos Interactive would develop games such as the ever-popular Tomb Raider for the Nintendo 64 except for one thing... Nintendo has to ask them to. Does Nintendo, for some odd reason, not want Tomb Raider on their system? --[email address snipped--TJ]

"A: I read that article in UGP too, and that quote didn't quite make sense to me. Nintendo won't ask a company to develop a game unless we want to publish it as a "first party" game, that is, under the Nintendo label. Nothing against Tomb Raider, but it just doesn't really have the feel of a Nintendo title. If Nintendo wanted to do a game like that, why not make it with Samus? In other words, we have out [sic] own characters to develop."

[Remainder of response snipped]

...Now I'm certainly not saying that this is confirmation of a new Samus adventure, but it sounds like a tiny hint to me! I was thinking that the new Metroid game should play kinda like Tomb Raider anyways...but better, of course!

Feb. 6, 1997
FINALLY!! A scrap of info!! This comes straight from Ultra Game Players mag No.94, Feb 97, Page 21:
It reads:
"Metroid 64 Out By Fall In Japan?
"A Japanese source close to NCL hinted that Metroid 64 has been in development for nearly a year already and should be released in Japan sometime late in the fall of 1997. As expected, sources have indicated that the title is slated to be a 64DD title. The game is said to be extremely dark, and is likely to use an over-the-shoulder perspective similar to Mario 64. The premise of the game has been rumored to be that some of the Metroids have infested a new planet, and it is Samus' job to eradicate them just as she did in the first two games in the series (surprise, surprise)."

Oct. 3, 1996
NEXT GENERATION's WWW site has posted a list of games that are out, coming out, or in development for the Nintendo 64. Metroid 64 is indeed on there, and listed as "In Development."

EGM magazine (Issue #9.10, October 1996, page 6) reported that Gumpei Yokoi, who created the Nintendo Game Boy and Virtual Boy, has left Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Japan). This is significant to Metroid fans as veterans of the games will recognize his name from the credits--Mr. Yokoi was producer of the whole Metroid series since the original. The short article did not say what Mr. Yokoi was moving on to. Sayonara, Yokoi-san...domo arigato gozaimasu!!