January 9, 2007

Statement of Senator Clinton on Today's Reintroduction of Net Neutrality Legislation

Washington, DC - Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton issued the following statement on the reintroduction today of the Internet Freedom Preservation Act. Senator Clinton is an original cosponsor of the legislation.

"No other communications medium in recent history has had such a profound impact on the expression of speech, education, the dissemination of information, the proliferation of commerce and the exchange of political ideas as the Internet. However, it was under the basic principles of neutrality and non discrimination from its inception that the Internet was able to flourish. Indeed, under these conditions a small business has been able to market to the same customers as the biggest corporation. The average citizen has been able to voice their grievances in the same forum as the editors of the largest newspaper. And students, entrepreneurs and consumers have been empowered by the wealth of information and opportunities afforded by an open Internet.

It is clear that we must continue to build on the innovations brought forth by the Internet. This means ensuring more affordable broadband access and ensuring that there continues to be open, unimpaired and unencumbered Internet access for both its users and content providers. As evidenced by the diverse coalition of the consumer, business and citizen groups that span the political and ideological spectrum, and who all strongly support the concept of network neutrality, it is critical that Congress take steps to preserve the principles enshrined therein. We need to ensure that the Internet of the 21st century opens the same doors, creates the same opportunities and fosters the same innovation that has been created by its predecessor. It is for these reasons that I am an original cosponsor of the Internet Freedom Preservation Act to guarantee that the open and nondiscriminatory architecture of the Internet remains in tact. As the 110th Congress begins, I join my colleagues in reintroducing this important legislation and look forward to an open and substantive debate on this issue."


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