Managua International Airport in Managua in Nicaragua

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Managua International Airport

The Managua International Airport was formerly known as the Las Mercedes International Airport, when it opened in 1968. Its colorful history is due to political changes in the country, and one of those changes came in the 1970’s. The airport building was remodeled to offer background music, air conditioning, restaurants and conveyors belts. The changes also brought about the recruitment of customs inspectors, health inspectors and immigration officers. By 1975, the Las Mercedes International Airport was able to accommodate three airplanes simultaneously, and led to airlines such as Airline of Nicaragua, Pan Am Airlines, Lanica Airlines and Iberia Airlines to operate flights to and from this airport in Nicaragua. After more political struggles, the airport was taken over by guerilla soldiers and named after one of their leaders. Their victory was short lived, but by the time the airport was recaptured, it had been neglected and deteriorated. Refurbishments were done to airport in 1996, and renamed to the Managua International Airport.

This airport in Nicaragua is managed by the EAAI,or Empresa Administradora de Aeropuertos Internacionales. Many factors such as alliances, airline infrastructure and globalization have led to the success of the air traffic industry. With more flexible and negotiable airport policies, the political and economic aspects of Nicaragua have stabilized, increasing the traffic in tourists, investments and telecommunications. The EAAI have broadened their outlook on future of the Managua International Airport, by implementing long term and short term goals and strategies.

The Managua International Airport has one asphalt runway that is 2 442 meters in length, and can easily accommodate airplanes such as Boeing 767’s, Boeing 707’s, DC10’s, Boeing 727’s, Boeing 757’s and the Boeing 737’s. The airport employs about 350 Nicaraguans, who oversee and assist the daily running of the airport and create a safe and pleasant environment for passengers. Airlines that have flights running to and from the airport include Delta Air Lines, TACA, Air Transat, Copa Airlines, American Airlines, Continental Airlines and Aero Caribbean.

The facilities in the terminal of the Managua International Airport include restaurants, banking facilities, gift shops and postal services. Taxi, bus and shuttle services are available to passengers to get to the airport, or to leave the airport by. Car rental companies such as Argus Car Hire are located in the airport building.