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An Exclusive Interview With Sekhar Kammula

Sekhar Kammula, the director of the contemporary Tollywood blockbuster ‘Anand’, has given an exclusive interview to greatandhra.com on 01/11 at Hyderabad. As and when the interviewer of Greatandhra approached Sekhar Kammula, the latter asked the former humbly, “ Manchi Coffee Taaguthaara?”

Obviously, after sharing a cup of coffee with the newly emerged star director, the interviewer initiated the course of action with the questions those were formulated from the talks of the people.

Q. People say, “Sekhar Kammula is the core success factor for the film ‘Anand’”. What is the factor in your opinion?

Ans: In my opinion it is the synchronization of all the talents from arts to the management that resulted to the success of the film. Generally, audience watch movies those are away from reality. Almost two decades ago, people used to encourage the films those were blended with melodrama, violence, villain and a rape et al with their patronage. The panorama that was not seen significantly in society, used to appear on silver screens. But now, the menacing outlook is quite rampant in the society from corruption to many other bigger crimes of eccentricity. The human values are less regarded at present. Well, ‘Anand’, is the movie that I made with a simpler loom with old values and softness. It appeared a totally novel to the viewers. It is completely different from the routine. That is the formula for success of the movie.

Q. People say, “ Sekhar Kammula is too daring to believe. He really risked by releasing ‘Anand’ when the ‘mega’ mass movie is ruling theatres”. What is the point of your confidence?

Ans: It is only the confidence on my movie. I never compared with any other movie. It is only a coincidence that ‘Anand’ was released along with the ‘mega’ movie that you intend to say. Actually the release of the ‘mega’ movie was postponed twice and finally fell on the date of our release. Many have told me to hold on. But I said ‘Go Ahead’. I sense that although all the people go to the ‘mega’ movie on a day, they would be left free for some other day to watch my film. Apart from this, we are not financially that strong to bear with the adjustment of dates. We were afraid at certain point that the theatres those were blocked by us would be lifted by some other movies, if we delayed for a week or so. It is not merely the point of daring; it is the logic that we accepted ourselves. We were left with Hobson’s choice. We could not do anything other than releasing the movie on that day.

Q. People say, “Sekhar would have struggled a lot till the film turned success”. What are all the setbacks and kickbacks those you have passed through?

Ans: Definitely we have struggled a lot. Personally speaking, I’m not a man of crores. If I would be making a film with 10% of what I have, there wouldn’t be any chaos. But I made ‘Anand’ by investing four times of the amount that I had. It is the pure and tremendous goodwill that I had at my friends, my brothers, my relatives et al those have supported me voluntarily by sufficing me with the budget that I required. It was so happened that whenever I was in trouble and whenever there was a problem there followed an immediate rescue and solution in the form of a friend or an acquainted. In fact everybody needs to work hard in making a movie. No one can excel with an excellent product just by sitting at homes. I made ‘Anand’ with an idea to make a good movie. At last the success made us happy with feeling, “ Yes! Our efforts have ripened the fruits”. Indeed, since the beginning we were with a conviction that ‘Anand’ would be a masterpiece. It is an accepted truth that no one recognizes the efforts of a new entrant, at the first instant. As the efforts bear fruits everybody recognizes it. I believe in that truth.

Q. People say, “ Music Director Radhakrishna emulated Illayaraja in compostion”. What is your comment as a director on his career?

Ans: He has got a very good future. His unique selling proposition is the expertise in classical music. Like Ramayana or Mahabharatha, Classical music is everlasting and ever novel. I cannot say whether he reaches the range of Illayaraja, but he is sincere at his work. Coming to the emulation, he wouldn’t have done that intentionally. However, he has given a pleasing music. He is really an asset to the film. He is given exactly what the film required.

Q. People say, “ Media has covered more about Kamilini Mukherjee than the hero who played the title role”. Can you say something about Raja, whose performance is being lauded?

Ans: It is really a tough job to act simple. Raja did that. There is every scope to over play his histrionics. But he underplayed very interestingly. Indeed, it is Rupa that is the center of the theme. She finds a problem and fights et al. Raja is a person who plays a comparatively low profiled role. (Interviewer by Interrupting) Then the film would have been titled ‘Rupa’ instead of ‘Anand’!

(Leaving a sharp smile Sekhar Kammula says) In fact the sense in the title is not merely the name of the hero. We mean ‘happiness’. Hence it was titled ‘Anand’.

Q. People say, “ With the success of ‘Anand’, Sekhar Kammula gets closely bonded to his team and there would be no openings for the new entrants at him”. What is your comment?

Ans: It is not the bond through success. From the day one we are all bonded together. I never believe in bossism and hierarchy. If I absorb anyone, it means that I’m bonded to him. Otherwise, I never absorb the one. Apart from this, I can emphatically say that whoever works at me can be chosen by any other director blindly. I don’t like considering the new entrants saying, “ Come. I’ll observe you”. It is the hard work that matters to me. If there is any relevant opening, I certainly consider. But I’m highly quality conscious. There should be something in the person that strikes me. Only then, I can deem.

Q. People say, “ It will be a sensation in the industry if Sekhar announces his next venture”. Well, what is your next venture?

Ans: (Again with a pervaded smile) I don’t think it will be a sensation. Anyway, I may be announcing in another 20-25 days. We are in fact working on two three scripts that are ready to make. We are just thinking to pick the right one. I announce as soon as I relieve from the hangover of ‘Anand’.

Edited and Compiled By: Sirasri


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