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7/30/07 3:15 pm
It was my birthday and I turned 35 and I forgot to say anything. It scared me, I think there are certain ages that are frightening because you have these ideas of what should be happening. If we are lucky we each get a chance to be all kinds of ages for a year. I must say that 35 feels infinitely younger than 25. I also think that if you hunker down and truly go after your dreams, and I do mean HUNKER DOWN people, like at least 15 minutes a day of using your imagination and taking great pleasure in filling up your bliss bucket—I think that can keep you quite sprite-like. Me and sprites have a lot in common. Except they don’t wear sunscreen.
Here are my top three ways to look 34 when you are 35:
1.Skip sometimes. Jumping and odd random dances also count.
2. Don’t wash your face
3. Find out a new fact every day—here, I’ll even start you out: a group of owls is called a parliament of owls.
I’m taking advantage of the moments I have now to write in case there are spurts where I don’t. And we all know there are spurts when I don’t. I shot all of my computer scenes for the third episode of the season yesterday. Shemar called me late and we stayed up and ran through our lines the night before so I’d know what he was saying a visa versa. We change them and because our writers are such egoless geniuses they trust us to do that. The floor of my new office is very slippery which makes for excellent office chair rolling about and easy access to my multitude of monitors.
I wore earrings that were giant babies today. And a sundress with what appeared to be people selling cows. And a sweater with mirrors on it. Matthew and I bet two dollars on what time Shemar would pull into his parking space. He said late. I said on time. I won two dollars.

Pen of the moment: It’s purple with a heart on the end and fuzzy. Also, Paget gave me one with a tiny octopus on it and I held that a bit. Oh, and one with a white bear with hearts and giant eyes. I have sooo many to choose from. I’m lucky.

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