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Mission Mountain School

(Therapeutic Boarding School)


Gender: Girls Only Phone: (406) 754-2580
Ages: 13 to 18

Grades: 9 to 12 Fax: (406) 754-2470
Enrollment: 28 Email:
Duration: 12 to 22 months Website:
Founded: 1990    
    Admission Contact: Colleen Harrington
Address: PO Box 980
Condon, MT 59826
Executive Contact: John Mercer, MS

At Mission Mountain School, we dedicate our energy and resources to producing physically healthy, socially mature, morally aware, environmentally conscious, self-actualized young women. Our goal is the reintegration of the student into the family and community. We view this process as the greatest adventure in life --- the empowering adventure of finding one's true self. Our students start their healing journey at Mission Mountain School by learning that in spite of their past history or present difficulties they can have honest healthy fun.

Play is a natural expression of the joy of life, and challenging play creates the competency and confidence that many of our students find important in addressing the more difficult aspects of their lives. Toward this end all of our students regardless of progress or length of time in the program can participate in and propose fun activities of their choice. Examples of student activities include mountain biking, cross country skiing, soccer, horseback riding, swimming, and trips to hot springs and ski resorts to name a few. Opportunities for urban adventures include excursions to town go to restaurants, waterslide parks, to attend movies, rock concerts, dance workshops and performances. In addition there are opportunities for extended trips to national parks and other recreational attractions.

Mission Mountain School integrates fun with personal and community daily life skills, outdoor education, therapy, and academic curricula into a sophisticated progressive, student-centered developmental curriculum that is solidly based on research proven theories of experiential education and therapy. Our small size promotes closeness in the student milieu and provides a safe context for each student to heal. Our program encourages a deep level of personal involvement by the students as they find ways to heal and manage their most difficult issues. They are assisted and guided in this process by a Ph.D. licensed clinical psychologist and a team of masters level therapists. The clinical team is competent and comfortable in assisting students diagnosed with mood disorders, including depressive and bi-polar disorders, addictive illnesses, post-traumatic stress disorders, attachment/bonding issues, grief and loss, ADHD, oppositional defiant disorder, problems at home and at school, and other general difficulties with developmental progress.

The natural outcome of this combined process is the realization of each student’s academic potential. Our students’ success and the quality of our rigorous academic program are evidenced by the high rate of college acceptances and attendance and the number of graduates that receive unsolicited scholarships during the application process.

Mission Mountain is a fully accredited, college-preparatory boarding school for girls in grades 9-12, located on 240 acres in the heart of the beautiful Swan Valley. Candidates are bright, verbally highly skilled, and above average in intelligence. They have a desire to succeed, but are not performing to true potential or are engaging in behaviors that endanger the realization of that potential.

Individual Psychotherapy Available: Yes
Accreditation, Licensure, Approval:Registered with the Montana State Board of PAARP; Pacific Northwest Association of Independent Schools; Northwest Association of Accredited Schools; Approved by SEVIS
Professional Affiliations:NATSAP-Full Member, AEE, EAGALA, ASCD; NAAS State Accreditation Committee


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