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Complete Works - 3rd Edition


   Tale of Two Men
A good man is hard to find, a perfect man even harder. Elizabeth is beginning to wonder if such a thing even exists and then two completely different men walk into her life, Arnold - intelligent and articulate, Jack - physical and forthright. They both fall for her, and she falls for them, but she can't have both, much to her annoyance. A romantic comedy about what binds us and defines us. Written in 1987-1988. Two seperate productions performed in 1989 Download

   Some Obscure Comedy Show
A comedy show taken over by terrorists, people eating bricks, audience members turned into poultry and two old men ruminating on life and their favourite nurses. Oh and a dead cat too. But whatever you do don't come the revolutionary raw prawn with the Guru. An Obscure Comedy review (if you needed that pointed out then the comedy's pitched at the right level). Written in 1989. Performed in 1989 Download

   Just Passing Through
Robert is a young writer visiting his brother in Brisbane, trying to re-establish contact in a broken family and carrying personal dreams he can't shake. An exploration of human need and the mystery of it that compells us on. Written in 1989. Download

   This Earthen Bowl (short)
An adaption of Edward Fitzgerald's The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, based on all five versions Fitzgerald wrote. A beautiful and dignified cry of humanity. Written in 1997. Download

   One'n'All (short)
A play which takes the form of a thematic argument and examines capitalism and socialism, and then suggests an alternative method. It uses examples from Austalian history such as traditional Aboriginal culture, the shearers strikes of the 1890's, and the New Australia socialist colony in Paraguay; as well as the Asian currency crisis of the late 1990's. Written in 1998. Performed in 1998 Download

Poetry Collections

   Early Poems
Really bad, really embarassing poems I found on my hard drive - they make me cringe but I love them - well now it's your turn (to cringe at least.....) Written in 1983-1986 Download

A selection of poetry and lyrics from an eleven year period, about personal and universal love. I suppose it's the philosophy of need really and what succours it. Written in 1988-1999 Published in 1999 Download

   In Her Morning
Life after getting married and having kids ~ slow and rich and full Written in 1999-2004. Download

Film Scripts

   Human Eyes (short)
An imagistic interpretation of three of Andrew Marvells's poems from the 17th century The Garden, The Definition of Love and Eyes and Tears. A look at love, the beauty of the natural world, and the value of humanism. Written in 1996 Download

   Sleeping On Her Couch (short)
A beautiful woman sleeps on a couch and world of feeling unlocks in a poet watching her. An adaption of Richard Leigh's 17th century poem of the same name. Written in 1997. Filmed in 2003 Download

   In My Image
David Miller is an idealist in the colonial frontier of highland New Guinea in 1938. Having given away law to work as an anthropologist and gain a greater insight into the traditional beliefs of the natives he finds himself once again drawn back into law when he reluctantly agrees to represent TíLaupo, a highlander charged with murder, after a traditional pay back killing. As David investigates the case and re-establishes an old friendship with another highlander, Jainantu, he finds that all is not as it seems - and the greatest lessons are the ones we learn ourselves.An intelligent drama that studies the psychology of religion and aetheism, and the colonial treatment of New Guinea. Writen in 1999-2000. Filmed in 2001 Download

   Such Is Life
As Ned Kelly waits in gaol after being sentenced to death a desperate attempt is made by family and friends to gain a last minute reprieve for him. Ned's hopes rise and then ebb and flow with the attempts of his friends, and as he counters his own demons for what he has done. A moving account of a man coming to terms with his own life and death. Written in 2003 Download

   Hold Me Tight (short)
Allan cameron is an escaped convict in the brutal Moreton Bay Penal Colony in 1849. As he stumbles through a foreign landscape he finds that freedom, however, is in many ways harder than imprisonment, but he carries memories of his loved one to sustain him. Talaipi, an Aboriginal elder, follows him and decides to help him, as Cameron comes across a settlement and possible recapture. A study of the psychological pressure convicts were under, and how one man tries to survive them. Written in 2004. Filmed in 2005 Download


   University Essays
A collection of essays on various topics to do with anthropology and literature Written in 1992-1994 Download

   Philosophical Essays ("Thoughts")
Philosophical essays on various topics - not necessarily how I believe now - but they were when I wrote them! Written in 1996 Download

Downloading the scripts

You can download the scripts here - all of them are in one complete, indexed file in PDF form. To download them just press or right click the link below. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the file.Please note some of the themes and language in these works are only suitable for adults.

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