Adam 'Pacman' Jones exclusive interview

Updated: Aug07, 2007, 03:06 PM EDT

By Ryan Houston

Senior VP of Sports Enthusiasts Media Ryan Houston recently interviewed Pacman Jones of the Titans. In what follows, you will be able to read the contents of that discussion.

As someone who lives a “fantasy” life, even I find Adam "Pacman" Jones to be a strange character. Sports are my life and to be honest, wrestling wasn’t a blip on my radar screen until several weeks ago when I got a lead that controversial Titans DB Pacman Jones was going to join Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling. At first I had no idea what I was even supposed to report on. However, after a contract was reached with TNA, I had the opportunity to talk with Pacman about his upcoming newfound career move and discuss why he decided to take his off-the-field road show to TNA.

Ryan: Thanks for taking time out to talk with me.

Adam: No problem.

Ryan: You nervous about being injured?

Adam: There are a lot of things that I do [where] I can get hurt. I ride my four-wheeler every day, and riding my jet skis. If you go in there and think you’re going to get hurt, you will get hurt. I’m not even going to think about that. Sure, there’s injury-potential, but there’s injury-potential doing anything.

Ryan: What about the physical aspects of wresting?

Adam: I’m staying in shape for whenever I can get back on the field. It’s a little harder then I thought it would be because of the pace. You stop and start a lot and that’s a lot like the NFL. Don’t worry, I will be ready when I get back on the football field.

Ryan: How you holding up with the outside issues that have caused your suspension?

Adam: I respect the Commissioner for his decision. I’m a man, and I’m going to man-up to it and handle my part. I’m just ready to get back, and hopefully I can get back a little early. I don’t have any harsh feelings.

Ryan: Was joining TNA your idea?

Adam: No a mutual business associate of TNA and mine approached me.

Reportedly the TNA deal was arranged through Pinnacle Promotions, Inc., and also through business associates of fellow wrestler Jeff Jarrett.

Ryan: Are you going to have a special outfit to wear when you wrestle or will you just go with shorts?

Adam: Shorts but make sure you tune into “Hard Justice” pay-per-view on August 12th in Orlando to see the whole outfit.

Ryan: Are you going to go with Pacman, or will you create some other persona and wrestling name?

Adam: Pacman is who I am

Ryan: What wrestling goals have you set?

Adam: Win the TNA World Tag Team Championship. I want to prove that I am the greatest team-sport athlete. I really want to show that I’m a team player.

Ryan: If you are successful and attain your goal of being TNA World Tag Team Champion, would you consider trying to wrestle on your own and try for an individual world championship?

Adam: Let's see how far I get as tag team partner first.

Ryan: Who is going to be your tag-team partner?

Adam: Can’t say right now. But you gotta tune into SPIKE TV Thursday on iMPACT! (Spike TV, 9 p.m. ET/PT) and then again on August 12th in Orlando.

There is also a report that Jones will be part of the “Hard Justice” pay-per-view spectacular.

Ryan: After you become a World Champion in wrestling, what team sport will you attempt to conquer next?

Adam: My first and main passion is football. That is where I always wanted and want to be now. This is just to keep me busy until I can get back on the field

Ryan: What were your first thoughts when you heard the NFL suspended you?

Adam: A little surprised.

Ryan: You still surprised?

Adam: It’s not about being surprised. All I want now is to get back to where I was.

Ryan: Do you think the suspension was fair?

Adam: Do you think it was fair? I’m going to let you answer that.

Ryan: Why didn’t you appeal your suspension?

Adam: (Adam refused to elaborate on this issue.)

Ryan: Do you think your life has changed since the suspension?

Adam: YES my environment has changed.

Ryan: Tell me about your new foundation.

Adam: It’s something new that will focus on helping kids. I will be teaming up with TNA Superstar Jeff Jarrett to do a wrestling and basketball camp in Nashville. I want to tell the kids to not make some of the decisions that I made, and choose your friends wisely, those who you hang around with.

Ryan: Have you discussed this TNA idea with the Titans front office?

Adam: They don’t really know what goes on in wrestling; they just see it on TV. I’m sure they are scared but I’ll be alright. What I choose to do with my time is up to me.

Ryan: Will your NFL contract be impacted if you 1. Get injured and 2. Wrestle in the ring?

Adam: For one and two I know my limitations.

Ryan: Any chance that you will continue to wrestle once the NFL lifts your suspension or is this truly just a short-term hobby for you?

Adam: Who knows, like I said before my first passion is football. I also have to think about my coaches and teammates. They depend on me and once I'm back out there they will be my first priority.

Ryan: The Rock transitioned from wrestling to movies…would you like to go to Hollywood and have a movie career as well?

Adam: I’m open to anything

Ryan: Have you ever attended a wresting event?

Adam: I’ve been a big fan since the early 1990’s. Used to watch a lot of WCW, especially Sting. He was my favorite. I went to see Hulk Hogan when I was like 8 or 9 years old.

Ryan: You vs. Sting , who pins who?

Adam: Like everyone else you'll have to watch and see Thursday on IMPACT!

Ryan: You get a lot of bad press. Is that brought on by your actions or do you simply get a bad rap?

Adam: I don’t think anyone could go through what I went through, especially in the media. No regrets. God does everything for a reason.

Ryan: Do you believe the negative response wresting receives from the press will hurt you in future conversations with Commissioner Goodell?

Adam: No. I think that I’m doing something. I’m not just sitting around doing nothing and getting into trouble. Believe it or not wrestling is a team sport, you have to trust and be trusted by other people in that ring to not only put on a show but not get hurt doing it. I think getting out there and doing something and being committed to it can only help my return to the NFL. Plus, the training for this will definitely keep me in shape. I had no idea how hard those guys train.

Ryan: Thanks for the opportunity to discuss your new passion and career move. I look forward to watching you on TNA.

Wrap Up
Jones won’t be the first TNA wrestler to make his debut on the pay-per-view network. The show has also featured Bears LB Brian Urlacher, Titans TE Frank Wycheck, WhiteSox C A.J. Pierzynski, and former NBA player Dennis Rodman.

Wrestling has never received a favorable response in the press; so I don’t think it will now by signing Pacman. But regardless TNA has a major media storm brewing and they are still going to keep entertaining their fans. Wasn’t that the goal of signing Pacman in the first place?

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