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"Leave Britney Alone" Heads West

Categories: fashion, music
Chris Crocker, Onch

Chris Crocker has landed.

As I told you on Friday, the 19-year-old better known as the “Leave Britney Alone” guy on YouTube was coming to Hollywood for the upcoming opening of World of Wonder’s Just Britney art show.

Well, he’s here now. Turns out that the show is just one part of his trip.

He was apparently flown to L.A. by the Onch Movement jewelry company because he's one of their—for lack of a better term—celebrity spokesmodels.

I just got off the phone with Onch (yes, she only goes by one name). The 22-year-old Los Angeles native says she and Crocker started working together before he hit it big with his Britney video.

“Chris sent me an email in the middle of last year asking if he could have some of my jewelry to promote with his stuff on the Internet,” Onch says. “I would get so many emails like that through MySpace and stuff that I just saw him as another kid with 10,000 friends. I was like sorry, maybe you could pay for half of it.”

But that eventually changed when Onch reached out to Crocker. Why? Because she became a fan of his work on MySpace and YouTube. What she hadn't realized was that Crocker was the same guy she blew off just months before. “I got hooked on his videos,” Onch says. “I said, ‘I am going to contact this guy, because he could model for me.' ”

No surprise, but Crocker jumped on board. About two weeks later, “Leave Britney Alone” became an Internet phenomenon, with a mind-blowing 8 million hits. Within days, Onch arranged Crocker’s trip to Hollywood from his home in Tennessee, where he lives in his grandparents’ basement.

Later this week, in addition to the Just Britney opening, Crocker will be doing a round of press to promote Onch, a collection of kitschy pieces using a mix of materials, including razor blades, dice and a variety of candies encased in resin.

But first, Crocker had some sightseeing to do. Within no time of landing here, Crocker hit West Hollywood gay bar Rage and had dinner at celeb-favorite restaurants Koi and Mr. Chow.

  • Posted by Marc Malkin on Mon, Sep 24, 2007, 3:20 PM
Photo by: Onch Movement


David Sep 24 07, 11:06 PM  Report abuse
1.Actors, musicians, etc. are routinely stalked, harassed, intimidated, humiliated, slandered, etc. and no one seems to consider it wrong because they are viewed as being part of some non-existent category of people who have no rights, namely “public figures�. Sadly, even most celebrities have bought into this. There likenesses are taken withour their consent, sold for consideration and they receive no compensation. These mistreatments are seen as “going with the territory� and I want to challenge that, ethically and legally, even pushing for legislative changes to reclassify these infringements on liberty, as was done with “hate crimes�. A special “paparazzi bill�, if you will. Celebrities have rights, though they are routinely trampled by the public and the paparazzi. Check out our Celebrity Rights pages at and the promo for the upcoming video series at
A.K. lawal-Solarin Sep 25 07, 3:46 AM  Report abuse
Al Dalton Sep 25 07, 7:34 AM  Report abuse
3.This guy, long before his Brittney video, claimed to be sleeping with his own brother!***-that-makes-out-with-his-brother-16146.php
F*g_Killer Sep 25 07, 11:10 AM  Report abuse
4.Any imbecile can be famous these days. ******* queer.
Simpleton Jones Sep 25 07, 12:40 PM  Report abuse
5.Boo hoo, littl' Brittany bought the goods and all that comes with it, including this loser. You have to stop and ask yourself, does any of this really matter in the great scheme of things? The machine builds them up and it tears them down. Everyone just watches, comments, and moves on to the next presentation. The bottom line is that we are all pathetic.
Dennis Sep 25 07, 5:02 PM  Report abuse
6.go Chris Crocker !!!!!!!!!!! u worked hard for it...... screw the haters they dont knw u.
Thomas Jefferson Sep 26 07, 7:21 AM  Report abuse
7.the further jackassing of america.
Aims Oct 3 07, 12:07 PM  Report abuse
8.YAY for Chris! <3 <3 <3 CHRIS!!!!!!
Anna Oct 7 07, 9:41 PM  Report abuse

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